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Yeh pal..

A very random hindi poetry.

Yeh pal mere paas theherta kyun nahi..
kahan chala jaata hai yeh! 
Ab mein iss pal mein hun aur...ab nahin..
bada shatir maalum hota hai yeh pal..
jab tak na socho iske baare mein..saath rahega..
par jab dyan jata hai toh furrr!

Yeh pal, jaise waqt ke sagar ki ek boond hai..
beshak sagar boondon se banta hai..
Par us sagar ko boondon mein kaise baantein?
kahan boond shuru hui kahan khatam..
iss waqt ko palon mein kaise baantein?
kahan yeh pal shuru hua..
kahan woh shuru..
kaise pata chale?
naa koi maap na koi wazan..kya tolein?

Yeh pal fir yaad toh reh jaate hain..
par gumnam hokar waqt k sath beh jaate hai..
yeh tasveeron mein kaid toh ho jate hai..
par unmein basi zindagi toh kho jati hai...bas tasveer reh jaati hai..

Iss pal ka astitva isi pal mein hai..
par yeh pal kitni der hai kise pata?


  1. Naa koi maap na wazan kya tolein!
    Amazing lines. Loved it :)

  2. liked the poem.. .i don't come across hindi poems...this was refreshing..

  3. This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

    1. @TeamBlogAdda
      Thanx a lott!!
      Its really encouraging..:)


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