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A Rainy Day..

"A Rainy Day" is a short and a simple poem about the first rain.. Its my first ever attempt at writing english poetry, hope I do not disappoint..:)
On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
Droplets trying to stick to the window glass
as if trying to surpass..
Each droplet tried its best..
but none could enter, despite sheer zest

On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
I could hear the rain shout,
"I am here now, just come out.."
I could smell the earth's relief,
Which came after, long wait and belief.. 

On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
When the wind blew, I could see the branches dance
as if its a holiday, after the sun's summer class..
I could see clouds covering the sun
as if a new era has begun..

May Every drop contain a blessing
and reaches to every living being..
So enjoy nature's blessings and have loads of fun
wishing everybody a "HaPPyy RaInY SeAsON"


P.S. : My heartfelt condolences to all Uttarakhand flood victims.
May god provide them strength and resources to overcome such devastation.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. @Music Maniac SRG
    Thanx a ton brother..:)

  2. You surely didn't disappoint anyone!
    Nice attempt! :)

    P.S. Try comment moderation rather than word verification, it becomes a tedious task to comment!! :)

  3. very nice poem,in your first attempt you are bang on

  4. Thanks a lott @cifar shayar..appreciation is encouragement

    @Kriti Bhatnagar Thanx a tonn..will surely try make commenting easy..:)
    Thanx for suggestion as well..:)


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