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Writing, inspiring and networking

Writing has been an ancient way of expression.
Writing has been an important tool for philosophers and reformers over generations to develop the society, to promote liberal values.
Literature has played a major role in making modern society "modern".
Take for example India's freedom struggle, hindi poets have been at the forefront in inspiring and motivating the youth to fight against the oppression.
Even post-independence writers wrote against sati system, child marriage gender equality etc.
In modern times as well, blogs, tweets has been a great catalysts for movements like arab spring, occupy wall-street and even India Against Corruption movement etc
So, writing has always been an inspiring force.

Alog with the component of inspiration, writing also has a component of expression of ideas and thoughts.
The emergence of social media and blogging culture has widened the opportunity for readers to read the content they are interested in.
This lead to engagement and thereby networking.
Even the community culture facilitates networking.

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Dark night..

Another attempt at writing english poetry.
A simple poem describing a night.

The darkness of night,
its intriguing yet filled with fright.
The curiosity to explore,
yet fears galore..
The next step could be the last,
but it can be a new start..

the only hope of light,
the only light of hope,
shining alone in the bed of darkness,
trying to cope..
Moonlight falling on floor,
too less to know, whats ahead in store?

Clouds, hardly in sight,
unless they shadow the moonlight..
Each star, blinks as an eye,
filling life, in the motionless sky..

The silence of night,
is a host to noisy thoughts..
In the darkness of night,
lie the dreams bright..

Image source: http://www.ewallpapers.eu/view_wallpaper/blue-night-1600-1200-57.html

Apne hone ka ehsaas..

A very random poem on expressing importance of every entity on this universe.
Its a celebration of their existence..:)

Aao aaj sabko unke hone ka ehsaas karayen..

Suraj ko aaena dikhayein,
Batayen use
Kaisi lagti hai roshniyan?

Aao aaj sabko unke hone ka ehsaas karayen..

Chand par thodi chandni chidkein..
Kaisa lagta hai woh asman par chamak ke?

Nadiyon ki kuch pyaas bhujayein..
Kaisa lagta hai peekar un se?

Aao aaj sabko unke hone ka ehsaas karayen..

Chalo khushboo ko b insan banayen..
Kaisa lagta hai use mehsus kar

Aao aaj sabko unke hone ka ehsaas karayen..

Chalo hawaon ko kuch zinda karein
Yeh zindagi unke hi dum se hai..

Aao aaj sabko unke hone ka ehsaas karayen..

Yeh ehsaas,
ek samman hai,
apne astitva ka,
apne karma, kartavya ka..

Yeh ehsas,
batlata hai ki,
iss badi si dunia mein sabka apna hissa hai,
sabka apna mahattva hai,
sabka apna hi kissa hai..

Aao aaj sabko unke hone ka ehsaas karayen..

Yun toh internet par jahan milta hai..

A small hinglish(:P) poem on internet and childhood..:)

Yun toh internet par jahan milta hai

google lagbhag sab kuch haazir kar jaata hai..
kaho google ko ki mujhe mera bachpan dhund laaye..
kahin se un chori kiye hue aamon ka khattapan yaad karwaye..
kahin se jee-jaan se khelne ki woh talab khoj laaye..

Yun toh internet mein jahan milta hai

yun toh facebook par kaafi "friends" hai,
par bachpan ke yaaron ki yaariyan kahan hai..
chat karna beshak suvidhajanak hai,
par bachpan ki woh baatein hi kahan hai..

Yun toh internet par jahan milta hai..

yun toh khali padi hai GBiyan cloud ki..
par kis format mein, main yaadein bayan karun?
Chalo kuch likhdun, kuch taveerein daal dun,
par ehsaas kahan save karun?

Yun toh internet par jahan milta hai!!

Yeh Mumbai shahar hai..

A poem on "Mumbai"..:)

Yeh Mumbai shahar hai..

yahan chote chote gharon mein
palte sapne ameer hai..
yahan karodon sapne bidhte hai,
par khulti kuch hi ki taqdeer hai..

yeh mumbai shahar hai..

Yahan k footpath par
zindagi hai..
Yahan ke raaston mein
ravangii hai..

yeh mumbai shahar hai..

yahan sadakeinn chowdi hai.
par waqt ki kami hai..
yahan chunautiyan hai..
par mauke b yahin hai..

yeh mumbai shahar hai..

na jaane kitne jahaz
iske kinare thaherte hai..
kuch le aate hai,
kuch le jaate hai...
dur kahin kisi aur dunia se ise jodte hai..

yeh mumbai shahar hai..

Samundar se iss sheher ki khaas aashiqui hai..
Roz lehron se saharata hai iske kinaron ko..
kuch nam kar deta hai hawaon ko..

yeh mumbai shahar hai..

yun toh chotein b bahut khayi hai isne..
par jawab bass aage badhna hi tha..

yeh mumbai shahar hai..

kehne ko shahar hai..
par yeh bass shahar nahi..
Mumbai soch hai..
ek tarika hai..
ek andaaz hai jeene ka..

Yeh mumbai shahar hai..

Image Source: http://www.wetcanvas.com

A good web site..

This entry is for the contest by Webriti and Blogbowl.
Describe what you look for in a website on the internet. What makes it stand out in the millions out there? Which is your favorite one and why?

Internet is penetrating in our society and lifestyle at an unimaginable speed. With the rise in number of people accessing internet, the number of websites are also increasing. This leads to competition among the traditional websites and the new ones.

So, what do we look for in a website? what makes a good website?
We look at several things simultaneously, is the site serving its purpose? e.g if a social media site, has bad chatting experience it is bound to be a flop or an e-commerce site without a proper search engine will fail its purpose.
"Content is the king.."(not applicable for social network sites) is a well known phrase, websites like video sites, blogs audio sites, must give importance to content, as content is their USP.
The user experience is another aspect, an aesthetically beautiful, true to its theme blog is always more attractive. The categorization of data is also important aspect of user experience.
The architecture of site: Imagine a site, in which many pages are not linked, it becomes tedious to fing required content. Imagine a site without a home button, we need to press back button so many times to reach to main menu 

My favourite sight would be undoubtedly twitter, as it has unique functionality(many other sites have tried to copy them), amazing design and usefulness.
The concept of twitter is just unique and interesting.
It also generates large amount of data, which can be analyzed and used effectively.