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About me:

Hello folks,
I am Dhiren Navani.

I am a computer engineering student.

I am a very simple and ordinary creature, cricket lover, an amateur writer, who just writes what he observes.

Basically, I am somebody, who has opinion on many things and an urge to express them.

My interests are Indian politics, journalism, social issues, current affairs, hindi poetries and cricket.

Hope you have great time reading my blog!
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https://www.facebook.com/dhiren.navani .

About blog:

"Experiencing Life" is a collection of my thoughts, my insights, my views and my emotions in the form of articles and poetries(hindi or english).

The main aim is to express myself and at the same time provide visitors with thoughtful and worthy content.
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  1. My dear nice to see you.One thing i would suggest, to use Devanagari Script.Content is good.

    1. @Pradeep Sharma
      Thank you sir!!
      I will try to use devnagiri script..:)


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