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The 2014 Election backdrop: Media, Social media and Advertisements..

The buzz around the 2014 general election is at its peak as elections are just few weeks away. 
Here, I am to share the backdrop of the current election..

2014 elections are unarguably the most talked about elec
tions in the history of this nation. The media coverage has been tremendous and it is expected to have a greater impact on the electorate, this time around.
However, media has been constantly accused of being biased and paid news.
Here are the links to few of the reports by Press Council of India (PCI), which is a self-regulatory body of the media in India.
The buried PCI report
Paid news during 2014 Gujarat election

News and analysis are now available on the fingertips and are more personalised than ever before, this has played a large role in keeping people connected with the politics and the nation in general.

The 2014 election also marks the recognition of young urban voters, the middle class voters and women as voters.
Every political party is trying to reach to this otherwise unentertained section.
So tweeples and facebookers are now voters as well...:)
Infact, AAP(Aam Aadmi Party)'s entire campaign was primarily social-media based.
The reason for this is the realisation of responsibility by the young urban voter to vote and try to change the dynamics. A young urban Indian, who was initially ignorant and was ensconced in his life, is now on streets demanding justice for Nirbhaya or supporting anti-corruption movement..(or is blogging about this issue..:P)
This is really a positive and a welcome change.

In a bid to woo voters on twitter and facebook, political parties have actually hijacked (for the lack of a better word) those platform and are intolerant of opposing views. There are reports that IT companies were hired for creating fake followers and tweets.
The personal attacks, hate messages and insulting trolls have replaced sensible arguments.

This election, branding has played an important role in promotion. The slogans are designed not by the party but by brand advisors. There are advertisements and counter-advertisements, by almost all political parties.
There are even anthems nowadays.
Advertisements are used just to instill an idea of the leadership of that party.
It is not a new phenomena, India Shining campaign is well-known, but it is significant more than ever before, as parties fight a battle of perceptions.

This is pretty much the backdrop in which 2014 elections are fought..
So its not a traditional election stuff anymore..:)

Image source: http://simplify360.com/politics/IndianElection2014/index.php?param=1
Image source:  http://www.socialappshq.com/blog/2013/10/08/will-social-media-influence-the-2014-general-elections/

An online shopping conversation..

It was a normal day..
I woke up and got ready to leave for college..
I boarded the train at 8..
As usual, I was with my friend..
I noticed my friend's earphones..
I heard and said "woww! Awesome sound"
He replied with a wink..
I asked "kitne mein mila?"(whats the cost?)
He replied "Almost free!"
And i was like "kya baat kar rha hai?"(what the hell are u talking?)
Then he said "I purchased stuff for like 5000rs. I got coupons from go paisa..I used a certain credit card and got a cashback.. I than did a bargain at go paisa..the original cost of earphones is approx 550rs.."
I said "Superbb man!"

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Movie review: Sunsilk Real FM

So, this was a blogger meet cum screening conducted by Indiblogger and Sunsilk. The movie, which was screened, was Sunsilk Real FM, this was inspired by Sunsilk.
Initially, I expected it to be a yet another branding exercise by Sunsilk, but my views were very different after its screening.
The important thing is the movie focuses on the values of brand and not the products.

The story revolves around the girl name Ria. Ria is a very normal urban girl. Her dad is a Managing Director of a radio station named Real FM. 
One fine day, the staff of the radio station threatens to resign, if there appraisals, which were due, are not brought in. But, the company has suffered a severe loss and hence the appraisals were not possible. The entire staff resigns and the MD suffers a heart arrest.
Instead of feeling helpless and complaining, Ria takes it upon herself to run the radio station. She and her friends manage to pull it off, for the special Independence day.
The movie also captures the personal relationship between characters.
The characters are well-created and acting suits the bill.
The humor, in the movie, is sensible and it comes almost naturally to the characters, the best part is, it is not forced in to the film, like in many hindi films.

The underlying message of the movie is the readiness of younger generation to take responsibility upon themselves during the time of crisis. The "Bring it on" message is passed with subtlety and dignity.

The movie, in a way also touches upon two very paradoxical aspects of modern generation.
One, when the entire staff, mostly youngsters(RJ's), leave the organization because their salaries were not revised.
Another, when Ria and her friends take up the responsibilty to save the station.

The journey of the characters towards keeping the radio stations working is indeed interesting.
In a bid to make the Independence day for the listeners interesting, Ria and Co. come up with an idea to play a song from every state of India. The music was raw, rustic and yet seemed very modern.

Another idea, was to ask the local people of Mumbai questions like "Which rule would you like to break?" and "What do you want to do for your country?", as Mumbai is in many ways microcosm of India.

The song at the end of the film "Ab tak safar acha raha..", sung(in the movie) by one of Ria's friends, who was hesitated to sing, despite having great voice is indeed mesmerizing and leaves you with a sense of happiness. It also has meaningful lyrics.

A lot of characters come in to play, all of them connect with you in some or the other way.

It was indeed a feel good film..:)
It scored well on every aspect, the best thing being that Sunsilk promoted itself in a very decent and subtle manner..:)

I will rate it 4/5..:)
This movie will be broadcasted on 23rd March, 7 Pm on MTV..:)

Here is the youtube link to to the video of the song
Ab tak safar acha rha..:)

Audio song

Mom and online shopping..

So like every mom, even my mom is interested(obsessed..:D) with shopping.
She can shop for like 4 to 6 hours.. searching, bargaining etc..
I had once told about, how I order books online. She said that it was ok for buying books, but for rest of stuff, you need to be at a market.

Once she needed something like earings, a pair of glasses etc.

So, I asked her to atleast have a look at it online.

So I opened a site and make her see , the variety that it offers.
She was surprised to see that, but still she was apprehensive as the prices were not she was comfortable with.
So i made her look at the offers section, I told her about the coupons, cashback(we all are interested in them).
I told her how we can even bargain here and get the best price, she was amazed..

Well, She is indeed a fast learner, about 65% of our purchases are now online.. She even buy birthday gifts online..
She now enjoys looking at offers, she uses coupons, she gets cash backs, without much effort..

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5 places in Malaysia, I would like to visit!

Note: I have not been to Malaysia, I am writing by referring to many sites..:)

Sipadan Islands: I googled about Sipadan Islands and found those beautiful and mesmerizing images and that just tempted me to give it a visit, sometime.. Also, its Malaysia's only oceanic Islands.

Langkawi Islands: A chain of 99 islands(thats really a large no.). Also, the story of Mashuri is also interesting.

Genting Highlands: Its known as city of entertainment. who doesn't want entertainment..
Shopping, magic shows, ice-skating, all in a city..:

Petronas twin towers: These towers remain the worlds tallest twin towers, needless to say, its a must visit place!

Batu caves: Temples in Malaysia?? I never expected. Batu caves have sculptures of Hindu gods and paintings of Ramayana on the walls.. Surely, it would be an interesting visit.

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Rang mein rang jaa..

A poem on being in tune with the moment. I have used colour as a metaphor of mood in the present moment. It gives a message of letting go yourself.

Bass ghul jaa,
Rang mein, iss pal ke, rang jaa..

Jab dhup hoti hai,
Aasman b peela peela hota hai..
Jab shaam hoti hai,
Samandar b neela neela hota hai..

Bass ghul jaa,
Rang mein, iss pal, ke rang jaa..

Kabi bundein shikayat karti hai,
Ki bahav kahan le jaa rha hai?
Shikayat toh khushbuein b nahi karti,
ki jhonka kahan jaa rha hai?

Bass ghul jaa,
Rang mein, is pal ke, rang jaa..

Ban iss pagal khoon sa,
Sunta woh kahan kisi ki hai..
Bas ragon mein daudta hai,
Bematlab, bewajah hi..

Bass ghul jaa,
Rang mein, iss pal ke, rang jaa..

Kuch khidkiyan khol,
Mila de mausamon k rang..
Hogi kuch dhul,
Par kuch roshniyan b hongi sang..

Bass ghul jaa,
Rang mein, iss pal ke, rang jaa..

Jab taal baje toh thirakle,
Fir sanyam ki baat na kar..
Jab khwab dikhte hai toh wahi sahi,
Tab haqeeqat ki baat na kar..

Zindagi rangrez hai,
Bass ghul jaa,
Rang mein, iss pal ke, rang jaa..

They were friends.

They were friends..

A girl came in his life, whom he loved.

The relationship blosommed at the cost of friendship.

Unfortunately, after some time, problems creeped in, they broke up.

He called his friend, who was upset at being ignored all this time, but after all, they were friends..

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