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A very simple and small poem on "being you.."

If you are not "you",
than who are you?
But we are not we,
because we just don't want to be..

You have your eyes, your face,
Nobody else has them, just embrace..
You have your life, your own story,
Be a good author of it,
Let the fate be the jury..

Its ok to get inspiration, human or divine,
But remember plagiarism is a crime..
Its great to love someone else,
but equally important is to respect yourself..

You cannot please everyone,
but make sure you do not hurt anyone..
There are people, who care about you,
do not lose them, they are priceless..
There are people, you care about,
continue.., only if your care is cared about..

It is necessary to develop, to improve,
but its equally necessary not to compromise "being you.."


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