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Religion and Spirituality(The Indian Context)

Finally breaking the hiatus, the reason that I did not post for so long was to make sure I write only when I feel like writing and not incur upon myself as a duty..:)
The article is on spirituality and religion in context of the society of India.
P.S.: I am in no way justifying spiritualism and Religiousness.
('We' here refers to Indians collectively nothing specific, I am trying to view it in a very general way). Also, I respect every one's opinion on religion.

We, Indians, are perceived by many as a religious race and to an extent it is correct.
We are religious at some or other way, as we cannot remain 'completely' insulated from the society we live in. Though atheism exists in India but at a relatively miniscule degree and mostly in cosmopolitan cities.
Atheism is very much common in economically developed sect of this Indian society.

Waqt ki kashti...

A poem on life in general, treating time as a travel on boat..

वक़्त की कश्ती में संवार
होकर चलें  जा रहा हूँ ...
वहीँ  से ही इस जहाँ को निहारते
जा रहा हूँ ।

जब किनारा छोड़ा था
नासमझ बेफिक्र सा था ।
आज बी खुद को
समझदार नहीं कह सकता ।

Paisa hi hai...

A poem on influence of money in our lives. Exaggeration is done with the intention to have an impact and to express severity.

पैसा ही है
बस पैसा ही..

पैसा आनंद बी है ,
दुःख का कारण बी है।
सांस बी पैसे की है ,
आस बी पैसे की ही है।

पैसा ही है
बस पैसा ही..

India after 62 years..

A post on Indian constitution and India. Not exactly 'my views' but its something I wanted to share..

Indian constitution has completed 62 years, today,
but can we call those years successful??
In a way and in a way not!

The Constitution of India is considered one of the finest in the world, taking in to consider the diverse landscape of India and pro-people sentiment of the creators of constitution..
Large number of amendments were made since it was first executed on 26th january 1950..

Being Single..

A very casual, light-hearted and short post on 'Being single'.
 A very different kind of writing than my previous works, hope it proves to be a good experiment.

"BEING SINGLE"...technically speaking is a state of a person when, he/she does not have a girlfriend/boyfriend or is not in state of any committed relationship..
There are always many talks about the complexities involved in 'being in relationship' and the efforts required to maintain the relationship..
But what about singles?


Badlaav aayega zaroor
Par hoga kaisa
pata nahi!!

naye hal honge,
par nayi taklifein bi..
naye uttar honge..
par naye prashna bi..
naye sudhaar honge..
par kuch bigadega bi..

Badlaav aayega zaroor
par sab badlega nahi!!

taarikhein badlegi
par din aur raat nahi..
chehre badlenge..
par ruh nahi..
jeene ka andaaz badlega..
par zindagi nahi..

Badlaav aayega zaroor
par kitna hoga pata nahi!!

puri zameen badlegi shayad..
ya sirf ek mitti ka kankad..
sirf ek phool khilega shayad..
ya mehkega pura gulzar..
Roshni ki kiran hi hogi shayad
ya mitega jahan se andhkaar..

Badlaav hona toh nishchit hai
Dekhna toh yeh hai,
Hamare badalne se badlaav hoga ya
Badlaav humein badal dega!!

-Naye saal ki bahut shubkamnayein..
Aapke Jeevan ka 'Badlaav' Sukhmay ho!!