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Yeh pal..

A very random hindi poetry.

Yeh pal mere paas theherta kyun nahi..
kahan chala jaata hai yeh!  Ab mein iss pal mein hun aur...ab nahin.. bada shatir maalum hota hai yeh pal.. jab tak na socho iske baare mein..saath rahega.. par jab dyan jata hai toh furrr!
Yeh pal, jaise waqt ke sagar ki ek boond hai.. beshak sagar boondon se banta hai.. Par us sagar ko boondon mein kaise baantein? kahan boond shuru hui kahan khatam.. iss waqt ko palon mein kaise baantein? kahan yeh pal shuru hua..
kahan woh shuru.. kaise pata chale? naa koi maap na koi wazan..kya tolein?
Yeh pal fir yaad toh reh jaate hain.. par gumnam hokar waqt k sath beh jaate hai..
yeh tasveeron mein kaid toh ho jate hai..
par unmein basi zindagi toh kho jati hai...bas tasveer reh jaati hai..
Iss pal ka astitva isi pal mein hai.. par yeh pal kitni der hai kise pata?


So its election season, every neta and every political party, would be seeing you as a potential voter(only if you are eligible to vote..:P). Indiblogger comes up with another contest, in association with WECHAT India.

Topic: How would you inspire and mobilize India's youth to participate in the Indian General Election 2014, using social mobile applications?
Social mobile applications have revolutionized our daily communication. Using such a powerful platform for enhancing the democracy in a large and a very argumentative country like India, is indeed a great and a novel idea.
Youngsters are the pillar of strength of any democracy, it is through their participation and involvement shall the nation develop.
To be true, the current generation lacks the general awareness and interest in the process of elections and expressing their opinion. The general feeling is that it is a pointless exercise. A part of  this is due to the lack of communication between the political contestants, activist…

Opinion: The AAP Phenomena

So, the stage is set for Arvind Kejriwal to become the next Chief Minister of Delhi.  As a very Aam Aadmi I would like to present my post on AAP.

2014 Delhi state elections marked the emergence of a completely new kind of politics. It reflected the anger and fatigue of a "common man" against the conventional political system.
For the first time the authority of two national political parties was challenged in the capital city-state of India.
The election results imply the beginning of change in political discourse.
Its a very welcome change, considering the dire wish of common people to see politics on policies and not just on ideologies.
The change in voting pattern is not a result of a sudden outburst of disgust against the current political establishment. Its the result of agglomeration of anger of people over a period of time.
The reasons of this anger can be as follows

The disconnect of politicians with common people and their insensitivity and negligence towards the need…

Today was his date!

I am accepting Heena Shah Dhedhi’s tag.
Today was his date.. He woke up late.. He did not shave.. He thought he still has entire day.. He took a shower.. Got his clothes from the drawer.. Dressed up! He left for the class.. He remembered, "How boring it yesterday was?" Still he has to go.. His attendance was already far too low.. He got on bus.. He reached his class.. He tried to study.. But too bored up he was, to study.. He was feeling drowsy.. But he had to remain awake.. He just stared at the professor... And thought about his date..
She, in a beautiful dress.. He, in a gentleman’s attire.. His hand with her hand.. Soft music and dance.. The presence of moon.. That awesome perfume.. The glow in her eyes.. The charm of her smile.. The grace of her moves.. Dinner, candle night.. Oh! What a night!
Tringg tringg!! The bell rang.. He was in his senses.. Left for his brothers house.. He had some work.. Was there for about an hour.. He then went to his friends house.. They went for a hangout.. Had fun there.. He lef…

Milaap: Lend a little, change a lot..

Today, I attended a blogger meet organized by indiblogger along with Milaap. So the subject of my post would be milaap. I thank them for providing me an opportunity to attend this meet.

So what is Milaap?
Milaap is a mission driven company, which aims to change how people fund or help the NGO's and the people in need.

They do this using internet as a platform of reaching out to people, who wish to lend a helping hand to the needy. Its not about donating, it is basically  a LENDING platform, wherein you lend a sum of money, which reaches to needy people, who wish to set up some sort of an enterprise. You can choose the desired cause and the people, you wish to lend.
The money will be returned once the enterprise starts. This leads to the empowerment of needy and proper utilization of the helper's money.
You can even relend the same money to some other cause. It is similar to financing enterprises, but for a noble cause.

In the meet, we heard the first hand account of a helper, …

Recharge your hair and recharge India

There is an ambience of hopelessness..
Molestation of girls is bitter reality..
There is a need to recharge the lost confidence, the lost hope..
Men need to be awared, women are to be empowered..
Yes, we can..
Recharging the symbol of reinvention, rejuvenation of our belief, of our struggle to dignified life.
So recharge hair and recharge India.

Do visit Sunsilk.

5 Gifts

1. Good education: It is the most essential need of the present world. Education makes you a good human being as well as play an important role in making you a successful human being.

2. Peace at home: It is very important. The child is, what he sees.

3. Good bank balance: Money is something, which can never be ignored. A good insurance, bank balance is of utmost importance.

4.  Inspiration: You act only if you are inspired!!

5. Freedaom: Freedom to do, whatever he/she wants


This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda.

If its breezer it has to be cranberry!!

If its breezer it has to be cranberry!! Imagine after a hard day at work, you come home tired, listless..
The best way to relax is with a breezer..
And if its cranberry, its like a feather on the hat..
The taste of cranberry is such pleasurable..such soothing..
Whether you are at a party or relaxing alone.. Its the perfect drink to accompany you.. Its a perfect refreshment, as it has antioxidants.. So give it a try.. And who can be better than bacardi for making such a drink.. Check it out.. Here..

A niggle, shave that ugly stubble..

On a certain day, a man just came home after his daily routine, his wife was waiting inside. She suddenly hugged him and she said..
Oh my love.. You are my everything.. My silence.. My night.. My hero.. My knight.. You are my rising sun.. You are the reason, my life's lanterns burn You are that saviour in gloom.. You are my smiling moon... You are the prince of my dreams.. With you is my dignity, my esteem.. When you touch, pleasure is immense.. In your arms, it feels heaven.. Just hold me, hold me tight.. Be there, be by my side..
The man was shocked and said [she was still in his arms]
Oh My God! I Love you honey.. I did not knew, you love me so much.. I never knew, you are so sweet, as such.. Never could I you feel? Today, so lucky I feel.. I feel loved I feel cared..
The man was completely immersed in feeling of thankfulness and love.. Then came a cracker..
She said[in his arms] Honey you are perfect! I have..emm.. I have just that one niggle! Can you just shave of that ugly stubble? Its so sicky…