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Its too much of politics..

A critical article on Indian media, which gives too much importance to politics.
("Media" here means "television news channels"..)
They say its the age of media, of free expression.
What they don't say is that its an age of unnecessary magnification of politics..
What constitutes India?
Just these corrupt conniving political class?(there may be exceptions.)
Absolutely no.

Its unfortunate for the audience and shameful of media, that today a common Indian is deprived of
balanced and sensible news.
The political news has virtually hijacked the airtime and airspace of news channels.
Its just too much of politics..

Its true that, in present times, news is not just about "information", its about "information and analysis", but in the name of analysis what we witness is noise, hype and distraction.
What we witness is called "overanalysis".
Analysis needs to be done by neutral analysts or "political commentators".
Unfortunately, what we witness is sensationalism and callous finger pointing by representatives of political parties.
The news channel discussions become a sort of "akhaadaa" for party representatives to push their agenda, which is obviously against rival parties.

The recent emphasis on politics behind food security bill is also outrageous.
Why not a discussion on food security bill's provision?
Why on politics behind it?

The recent "puppy" remark by Narendra Modi was discussed for approximately 3 long days(as per my observations) and that too during prime times.
I wonder, what was such a great thing about that petty remark?

It is evident, they report what is "sellable" and negativity as you know is an unavoidable ingredient of a "breaking news" today.
I do not say we have to be unrealistically positive or be optimistic, but exaggerating negativity is immoral.

The responsibility of media is not to cater to the user's desire of entertainment or gossip, its about reporting news in an unbiased way and to force people to think and thereby empower the voter and improve the society.

I do consider political news as important, because its directly related to our life, but its not the sole important thing.

As we know, the infringement by one is the loss of other, the overemphasis on politics has led to underreporting of several other issues.

Literature has been the reason of revolution umpteen number of times.
Literature is highly ignored. There are hardly handful of shows on the news channels which report about developments in the field of literature. Most of these shows are by english channels.
The situation of hindi channels is worse.

Where are those shows which educate us about laws, about civic sense, about our rights to make us better citizens?
Why can't news channels be a source of general education?

Science is another neglected field.
Why do not channels regularly try to track the research by our hardworking, deserving scientists and educate people and thereby motivate researchers?

I hardly found a so called analysis by media on recent launch of India's first navigation satellite.
Don't the people involved in the project deserved a pat on their back?
Won't their achievement inspire youth?

Its painful when channels prefer to retelecast the political interviews and discussions, thereby avoiding areas mentioned above.

Its responsibility of media to not just report or inform, but to empower people and change them..:)

P.S. : There are also some wonderful works done by media and journalists, but unfortunately they are few.
I wrote above article just to highlight the defects in present media, because its a very powerful medium and I believe its improvement will contribute tremendously to nation's improvement.
I do respect media and actually wanted to be a journalist..:P
Hope, it proves to be a constructive criticism..:)

Thank You!!

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: Review

A small review of the movie "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag"

Cast:  Farhan Akhtar, Sonam Kapoor, Pavan Malhotra, Divya Dutta.
Written By: Prasoon Joshi
Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

"Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" is a kind of biographical movie on Milkha Singh, aka "The flying sikh", star athlete  of 1950's and 1960's
The pre-release buzz around the movie and especially the music of the movie was promising.
The movie delivers on some parameters, but it is not the best according to standards the director had set with his debut movie "Rang De Basanti".
Talking about the lead actor Farhan Akhtar, this man has given his heart out for the role, never in the movie can you point out that he is out of track. Milkha Singh is jolly, carefree, rustic, innocent but a very stubborn personality, especially for his passion, running.
I was initially very sceptical, whether Farhan would be able to do justice with the role, as the role required a strong personality, i.e of a punjabi army man, who has gone through the trauma of partition.
I was actually interested to see how Farhan manages to voice his character as we know he does not have a strong voice as Amitabh bachchan or Sanjay Dutt..
I was satisfied with his dialogue delivery though and his punjabi was very punjabi..:P
He very well transited from a very urban, cool guy in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara to very desi Milkha Singh.
So, if you are a Farhan Akhtar fan, it is for you and if you are not, you will become his fan..:P
Sonam Kapoor has a very unexpectedly, brief role, she plays that pretty decently though.
Divya Dutta, who played role of Milkha Singh's older sister, is good and in to the character.
Pavan Malhotra also plays a decent role as Milkha's coach.

Shankar-Ehsan-Loy has given great music, it matches the situation and the mood of the audience.

The cinematography is superb, the running sequences are riveting. The screenplay or rather story telling is a shortcoming, if there is need to point out one.
There are simply too many flashbacks, the director is known for this, this obstructs the flow of the story and the connection with the emotions. In such a inspiring and emotionally charged movie, you need to keep audience engaged.
The sequences of partition period were very moving and had an impact.
The movie was long, you might feel a little low on interest, but thankfully those moments were rare.

Overall, they succeeded in making a good inspiring movie, but they failed to produce an epic. 
It is still worth a watch..:)

I Learnt..

A post on some lessons I got in life.

We see a lot of things around us, which teach us. If given due attention and taken with positive spirit, these things can transform us and make us a better person.
What we need to possess is the willingness to learn.
If we are willing to learn, there will never be scarcity of teachers.
We as human beings are designed to accept things only if there is proof of it in other words we need examples. Examples make us believe, some of them even inspire us..

I present learnings from my life in the form of small poetries..

Nature has always been a powerful source of learning for me, right from my childhood...
I would like to present some of those lessons in the form of a small poetry

Lessons by nature:
This long old tree, seems very common and normal
what it taught me, that change(growth) is gradual..
The same tree in different seasons
taught me that change was imminent.
The sun comes daily as if it is newborn
and taught me that everyday is new and the show must go on..
Those seeds never grew, which I hopefully planted
this taught me that everything is uncertain take nothing for granted..
They taught, I learnt..

These are some lessons I learnt, when I was studying for my academics..

Lessons during academics:
When I was young,
I used to blunder in arithmetic problems,
My teacher observed the mistake pattern,
She observed that I followed wrong order of operations,
and taught a rule in return,
It was Bracket Of Division Multiplication Addition and Subraction(BODMAS) 
She observed and I learnt..

When I was in junior college
I and my friend were perplexed
because of the concept of "Spin motion of electrons"
A video on the internet was the answer to all the confusions..
I explored and I learnt..

When I was studying programming
My programs were cluttered, full of confusion,
I saw my professor coding and learnt a better way representation..
It was leaving spaces for better understanding, it was called indentation..
I saw and I learnt..

Our lives are always influenced by great men.. These are some lessons from these greats, I learnt

Lessons from greats:

I saw Rahul Dravid speak..
He was asked, 
What makes you successful?you are called "The Wall"
He replied
Its passion and persistence thats all..
I saw and I learnt

The life of Albert Einstein and that of Thomas Edison
Taught me that "curiosity is the mother of all invention"..

Sachin Tendulkar,
a legend cricketer..
Amitabh bachchan,
Man of Millenium..
both greats taught me that
It is true,
humility is the greatest virtue..

How can I forget
Mr APJ Abdul Kalam..
He said
To fly
You need to dream high..

Thank You..

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Ishrat Jahan case: A Sherlock Holmes story.

The "Ishrat Jahan case" in recent days have led to dramatic developments, which are disturbing.
The complexity of this case resembles the stories of Sherlock Holmes, a fictional detective, created by Arthur Conan Doyle. 

The last few days have been very disturbing for an common, thinking Indian.
Indian media has been repeatedly tracking and not just tracking but discussing, debating and in a sense obfuscating the already complex case.
As the respected journalist Mr Rajdeep Sardesai said, "amidst all these discussions, the truth is the casualty".
The political parties are fighting there cases, outside the court, i.e. at TV channels.
Not, in anyway concerned about what the court says, after all "Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai" and thereby getting the required political mileage.

The plot is sufficiently confusing.
There are two prominent questions
Was the Encounter of Ishrat Jahan fake?
Was Ishrat Jahan a terrorist?

The answer to the first question is to an extent clear, that it was a fake encounter, as suggested by
CBI Report, though court ruling is yet to come.
The congress party is politically attacking CM Narendra Modi and his aide Amit Shah, for these alleged fake encounters., thereby trying to woo minority and painting Mr Modi as a communal figure.
The BJP on the other hand came in defence of their election campaign chief, accusing Congress of influencing  the CBI and thereby this court monitored probe and questioning the timing of CBI as well.
These political fights were imminent.

The answer to second question is still a suspense.
The Gujrat Government(synonym of "Narendra Modi"..:P) is stating that the "Intelligence Bureau"(IB) gave the input(report), in which it is clear that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist.
The report of Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) also stating that, she was a Lashkar operative.
The statement of David Headley and the Jamat-ud-Dawa website, also claiming the same.
The family however says that she was a common muslim girl and just an accountant of an LeT operative Javed Sheikh.

The CBI also has a hearsay evidence against Narendra Modi, but it seems to be insufficient to prove culpability, only via such evidence in a court of law.

The reports of two supposedly credible institutions, CBI and IB, are contradictory, which entangles the controversy even more and sets a wrong precendent.(Who to believe??)
The opinion that it was a deep political controversy, which was planned in great detail cannot be sidelined.

One larger question I feel the country needs to think about is that of jurisdiction of an intelligence agency like IB.
The secret operations which are necessary for the security of country cannot be completely outlawed, but there certainly needs to be a discussion and monitoring about this subject.
In short, independence of IB versus the human(basic) rights of the citizens(in present case Ishrat Jahan(if proved she was innocent)) needs to be looked in to.

In all, it makes up for an interesting Sherlock Holmes type story but there are two differences..
1. It is unfortunately real.
2. There is no Sherlock Holmes in reality.

The justice is undoubtedly more important than our curiosity and the interestingness of matter.
Its ok to be curious, but its more important to be concerned.
May the truth prevail.

The Times Of India report on the case is

P.S: I have tried to be as neutral as possible. If my opinion seems biased please bring it to my notice.

Thank You!!

Image Source: http://english.samaylive.com/pics/article/Ishrat-Jahan265__1617508581.jpg