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A Rainy Day..

"A Rainy Day" is a short and a simple poem about the first rain.. Its my first ever attempt at writing english poetry, hope I do not disappoint..:) On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
Droplets trying to stick to the window glass
as if trying to surpass..
Each droplet tried its best..
but none could enter, despite sheer zest

On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
I could hear the rain shout, "I am here now, just come out.." I could smell the earth's relief, Which came after, long wait and belief.. 
On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
When the wind blew, I could see the branches dance as if its a holiday, after the sun's summer class.. I could see clouds covering the sun as if a new era has begun..
May Every drop contain a blessing and reaches to every living being.. So enjoy nature's blessings and have loads of fun wishing everybody a "HaPPyy RaInY S…

A bit for women..

Its strange that despite such a huge numbers of protests the rapes continue and not just continue..they are now happening at increased numbers..
Alarming sign!!
Protesting and asking for safety will go on for ages..
Protesting is important, but we need to do something ourselves..
Why cant we as young people come forward?
We should now ask..
If our government cannot provide safety to women, why we, as citizen cannot ensure security?
The idea is to make groups of like minded people, living in the vicinity..
Ask the police officials about the areas where there is maximum probability of crime against women and the timings..
Have a patrol around it, especially during late nights and wee hours..
Coordinate with other groups and with police as well..
A small area is a microcosm of a country..
If each one of us keep our surrounding safe in effect our country will be safe..
Do follow "Ring the bell campaign" at
Bell bajao


A post about boldness and being real.

"Be bold and stay real.."
seems like a tagline of a sports brand or any product that has to connect with youth..:P

On a serious note
"Being bold" is all about expressing yourself, through your actions, words, intentions etc..
Its about displaying or revealing the real "You"..
Its not always about standing out from the crowd, but to never shy from standing out if need be..
Infact, it is when the side, on which the crowd is, does not matter..
Its about manifesting your views, irrespective of their acceptability, if they are logical and based on true evidences..(reality)
Its about thinking rationally and that is where "staying real" comes in to picture..
One cannot be bold by not being real. One has to be authentic and notice the real concerns of the world.

"Be bold and stay real.." is the philosophy of revolutionaries and reformists. They identify realities, change the mindsets and positively impact …

Reliance Digital Experience..

"Reliance Digital Experience" was a joined initiative by Indiblogger and Reliance Digital. It was           about letting bloggers experience the store and blog about it.
 I along with my fellow bloggers paid a visit to 

Reliance Digital Retail FF-52, R-city mall, Phase 2, LBS Marg Ghatkopar west, Mumbai.

About Reliance Digital: "Reliance Digital" is a technology retail arm of Reliance Retail Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd. "Reliance" is undoubtedly a reliable and a trustworthy brand in present Indian scenario.
As I entered the R-city mall, holding the Indi-blogger invite, through various security checks, I saw a big banner of  "Reliance Digital Store", providing the description and direction to reach the store.

I reached the store and the first reaction was like "its so cool.."..:P Right at the outset, I understood, why do they stress on the word "Experience".. Then, I went inside flagged my Indi…