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An article on reasons of increased rapes in India.

The horrendous incident, which took place in capital on 17th April, ashamed India once again.
In India, a rape occurs every 21 minutes, that is an alarming statistic. It speaks a lot about pathetic and appalling condition of women in India and more importantly the deplorable mental condition of Indian men.

So the problem exists only in India? No.
The USA also deals with similar problems. Thus it is more of a global concern than an India-specific problem. However, every region has their own set of reasons for this.

(I will restrict my focus to India.)
I pondered upon some of the reasons behind such incidents.
Rape, to my mind reflects uncontrolled aggression, frustation, dissatisfaction and the urge to prove superiority over the opposite sex, which takes the form of violent sexual urge.
A mojority of culprits of rape have found to be labour, peasants etc., in a more general way, people of economically and educationally deprived class.
Unemployment, meagre wages, lack of respect are the primary causes that seem to develop such an attitude.
A man cannot find a way to prove his superiority, to satisfy his ego as a result a woman becomes his soft target.
These reasons coupled with our old Indian perception of women as a "property"  of men, provide the basis of such heinous crimes.(with education the perception of women is changing, but at grassroot level its still the same because of ineducation)
This problem can take a massive form, if not controlled, as India possess an ever increasing young and labour population.
So the social problem of lack of dignity of labour also contributes.

Moreover, the domestic setup of India too is predominantly patriarchal and male-oriented.
Bollywood movies have many a times manifested this.
"Abhimaan" is one such movie which comes to my mind.
Right from the birth, the impression that man is a "proctector" of woman is instilled in to an individual's mind.
This makes man think of him as a guardian("Rakshak"), this makes him think that a woman is completely depended on her financially and socially, which furthur leads to objectification of woman.
On the other hand, woman has a very timid image of herself.

In addition to this, another problem I observe is lack of sensitivity of society. People do not object harassment in public places, the politicians blame "provocative" clothes for such acts rather than ensuring security, all suggest insensitive views of society.

What we need is develop is gender sensitisation, gender tolerance, respect and dignity for all individuals irrespective of gender.

Indian culture, which for centuries has been well-recognised for its values, ethics, but unfortunately in present times, facing dearth of them.

In my previous post I wrote Indians are "religious", I pondered upon that and found I was wrong, because being religious requires you to follow religious beliefs and ethics, which is not followed.

India certainly needs to Introspect.


A poem about my thoughts on "Questions" and their interpretations..

Yeh sawaal hai..
In sawaalon se hi toh bawaal hai..

Kaise? Kyn? Kab? kahan?
Yehi baatein hai yahan wahan..

Jab shak hota hai sawaal uthta hai..
Jab haq ki baat ho tab bi sawaal uthta hai...
Hairani ho toh sawaal..
Pareshaani ho toh sawaal..

Sawaal aaturta dikhlata hai..
sawaal chaturta darshata hai..
Sawaal parakhte hai..
Sawaal nikharte hai..

Sawal betuke bi hote hai...
Sawaal anokhe bi toh hote hai..
Sawaal bewajah bi hote hai..
Sawaal bejawaab bi hote hai..

Sawaal hai tabi toh naye khayaL nayi soch hai..
Sawaal hai tabhi toh naye aawishkar nayi khoj hai..

Sawaalon ki apni hi duniya hoti hai..
Duniya k bi apne sawaal hote hai..

Sawaal mahaz sawaal nahi hai..
magar Sawaal aakhir toh sawaal hai..

Sawaal kya hai..yeh b toh abtak sawaal hai..

Yeh sawaal hai..
In sawaalon se hi toh saara bawaal hai..