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We are many a times unaware of the consequences our actions rather inactions can result in. I have been through one such situation in life.

This was when, I was in the final year of the engineering. The placement season was on.
Everybody was tensed. It was the final lap of the rat race, which we ran for 4 years. Everybody prepared for the aptitudes, interviews and what not.

So, it was this company named xyz pvt limited, which used to hire maximum number of students. It was considered a safe company. People, who did not get any well paid job, used to console themselves by getting in to this company.
I was one such person. Not getting this job would have shattered my confidence.

So, it was the day of the aptitude test and interview. I was studying hard the night before, revising formulas and analyzing resume. It was 3 am and I did not realise how the time passed.
I forgot to shave that night. I used to shave at night before the interview as interview days are stressful.

As I got so engrossed in preparation i forgot to shave. The next morning, i woke up. Looked at the clock it was 10 am. The test was scheduled at 11. I brushed, had a quick bath and left. I went for the aptitude test, it went fine and the next round was interviews.

Well, It was my turn for the interview now. I entered, the guy did not had any change of expression seeing me. He asked some questions, I answered to the point. I was almost sure that I would be recruited. I was eagerly waiting  for results.

Well..well..well i was not selected. I was aghast as i was one of the few unlucky people, who could not make it. When i enquired about the reason, i came to know that it was about not shaving as they consider it unpreparedness and insincerity.

P.S. I got in to a very good company after that J