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Cricket madness..

Well its that time of the year, which the cricket fans love the most.
Right from schools, colleges to offices, from chai-wallahs to five star hotels, the discussion has to be at some point about,
how their favourite IPL team performed last night?
Who should be picked up?
Who should be dropped?
Who does what better?
Such is the madness(frenzy) about the cricket in India.
With the advent of the IPL this madness has only been aggravated.

However the cricket is not as it used to be now. There are better cameras, better accessories for players, better access to information and more over live scores, has made following cricket all the more convenient.
Not just live scores, even entire live scorecard and written commentary can also be experienced at starsports.com .
With the advent of smart phones with smart apps and the increasing penetration of mobile internet, it is possible to be in touch with the game all the time.
Also, the upgradation of traditional mobile internet i.e. GPRS(2G) with 3G has made it even more simpler to experience live cricket match.
Live streaming, live analysis etc. , on your phone is simply amazing

One such incident, I experienced live streaming, is when, there was a family function for a wedding of a distant relative. I was bored (you know how these family functions are!!).
My friends were teasing me as they all were watching the game and were having great fun.
I tried my best to leave, but in vain.
I went on the terrace and no one was there, I quickly took out my phone, got an online recharge for a 3G pack and logged in to starsports.com.
Andd the live action starts.
I was there till the match ended.
A close match it was and my favourite team won..
I could not stop shouting…:D :P
I guess nobody heard that!

Another was when I got stuck in a traffic (Yeah, it was Mumbai ), once again 3G came to my rescue..:D 

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जब यार साथ होते हैं..

A very nostalgic poem describing the time we have with our friends..:)

जब यार साथ होते हैं,
तो ग़म कहाँ होते हैं!

हंसी के ठहाकों को,
हम घर से उठा लाते हैं!
दर्द को तो चांटा लगाकर,
अपने गाँव भेज देते हैं|

जब यार साथ होते हैं,
तो ग़म कहाँ होते हैं!

अपने-अपने अरमानों के फ़साने,
बड़े शौंक से सुनाते हैं!
बड़े गौर से सुनते है हम,
सुनकर खिल्ली फिर उड़ाते हैं|

जब यार साथ होते हैं,
तो ग़म कहाँ होते हैं!

आदतें सिर्फ अपनी नहीं रहती,
सबकी बन जाती है!
ज़िन्दगी भी अपनी कहाँ होती है,
सबकी हो जाती है|

रास्तों से अपनी अलग ही यारी है,
साथ उसीकी के ही तो हमने सीखी दुनियादारी है|
गली-गली घूमते हैं,
नुक्कड़ पर कहीं ठहेरते है|
यूँही अपनी शामें बसर करते हैं|

जेबों में रुपयों के पड़े लाले हैं,
बस यार साथ हो तो अच्छे दिवाले भी हैं!

जब यार साथ है,
तो ग़मों की क्या औकात है?

                       --धिरेन नवानी 'ध्रुव'

Photo source: http://www.santabanta.com/photos/friendship/9024050.htm