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Hum baatein bahut karte hai..

India is very correctly called as an argumentative country. We have an affinity to discuss, which is healthy for a democracy. But nowadays I observe that discussions have substituted actions, not complimented them.
I do not undermine the spirit of democracy, which is consultation. I just object to the inaction, which results after too much of consultation and the unwillingness to act.

Hum baatein bahut karte hai..

Koi kehta hai ki glass bhara hai aadha,
par kisi ko woh aadha khali hai dikhta..
Glass aadha bhara hai aur aadha hai khali..
toh kyun hum use nahi bharte hai?

Hum baatein bahut karte hai..

Chalo cricket ki baatein karein..
Yahan sab hi ustaad hai iss khel ke..
Itni baatein hoti hai,
Kisne kya galat kia kya sahi?
Jo b jisne b kia, usne koshish toh ki..
Hum unse kyun prerna nahi lete hai?

Hum baatein bahut karte hai..'

Baatein achi hai,
zaruri hai..
Pareshani toh,
baaton aur karyawahi ki duri hai..
Yeh duri b hum baaton se hi dur karne ki koshish karte hai..

Hum baatein bahut karte hai..

Loktantra hai,
Har naziriya keemti hai..
Par apne naziriye se keemti
aam sahmati hai..
Hum naziriyon ke upar kyun nahi uthte hai..
aadh mein unki kyun hum chupte hai..

Hum baatein bahut karte hai..

Mein b abtak sirf baatein hi kar rha hun..
kaam to abtak maine b kia nahi hai...

Hum baatein bahut karte hai..

Racism: The Indian version

India's north-east
An article about our ignorance towards north-east India.

About 10 days back, I was at Indian Non-Fiction Festival. In a session there, there was a discussion about problems and life in north-eastern region of India. There they spoke about our ignorance of North-east India.

About a week later, I heard about the death of Nido Taniam, a 18 year old boy from Arunachal Pradesh, living in Delhi.
He was beaten up to death. 

The next day few Manipuri girls complained of getting beaten.
To my mind, its tragic and shameful, for so called progressive India.
Nido Taniam
The larger question is
Are we racists?
I knew, we have issues of casteism, gender inequality, superstition etc. and racism was considered to be a thing of the west.
We(as in Indian society) were so oblivious, that though we discriminated, we never realised we do so.
Not even media covered it to the point of effect or atleast realisation.
And the answer is yes, we are!!
Not just on the basis of gorapan (fairness) but also on the facial structure of people.

Teasing a person from the north-east and calling him chini, gurkha, Nepali or chinky is indeed racist, its like questioning their nationhood or identity. It is like saying they all are the same.

The people in north-east have barely any representation in our art, music, films or even in media.
Even bollywood hardly has any films, film-makers, singers or music-directors from that region. 
Their food, lifestyle and culture is also unheard of in popular culture.

Even in history, we were taught, there was not a single chapter describing about the north-eastern history.
Even in geography the area was ignored.

Even in media, we hardly had discussions or news from there.. Though now it has improved..

Though in sports, they have stars like Bhaichung Bhutia and Mary Kom, but that is not sufficient.

Its really surprising that a country has ignored the concerns and even the existence of 4 percent of their population, living in approx 7 percent of landmass of the country, for so many years now.

The disconnect is such that the people there call, central, north, south and west India as Mainland India and their region as north-eastern India.
Certainly its baffling, there can not be two Indias in an India..

And all these things exist, when our respectable Prime Minister is a Rajya Sabha MP from Assam for the last 10 years. 

Its time to engage them, have dialog, give them representation, connect them, shun our prejudices, stop stereotyping  and thereby unleash their potential and celebrate their culture.

Hope, things change..:)

RIP: Nido Taniam