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Networking, is usually viewed as a concept with either the effect of the internet or in the context of improving the relations with the people in the same profession..However this seems a very superficial description of a concept with such vast prevalence..

Internet networking in modern times has such a vast effect on the lifestyle as a whole..The Arab Revolution can exemplify this perfectly. The important thing that networking has done in this case is, that it had increased the exposure of the atrocities in particular part to the entire region and provided a sort of platform, where the people with outrageous sentiments can interact and revolt against the tyrannical rule. The resultant effect is the convesrion of a spark to a violent fire..This impact of networking was at a very large level..

Even at a very diminutive level, the concept of networking exist..Consider a case of heating effect on electric conductors..The atoms transfer energy on heating, the interface in this transfer physical proximity of atoms..Here, the networking is not via communication it is via interaction between the basic components of the system which results in the transformation of nature of entire system.. Another example is the generation of ripples in the water surface.. in this case the intensity of interaction is damping..

Human body is no exception to this..In human anatomy, nerves act as networking medium.they act as carrier of senses from parts to brain and brain to parts..Even if there is a problem in functioning of any one component (body part).. It creates awareness about it in the entire system and so that the system can adapt and overcome..

So, networking can be thought of as a concept with universal existence..both at micro and macro level of life..

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