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FDI in retail

Last two months, we witnessed a very irresponsible treatment of an issue which has an undeniable
effect on our economy(positive or negative) as well as our routine lives..The issue is of FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) in retail..
Neither the government nor the opposition were sole responsible for such ill-treatment..
The Central Government took a decision of introducing FDI in retail with the foreign investments having 51% stake in any joint project with their Indian counterparts. The decision was an 'Executive' (i.e. the parliament has  no part to play..except that the procedure of implementation has to be presented in the parliament)decision..The Opposition parties stalled the parliament for almost a week demanding
the government to retreat..In this process no work was done in the parliament no important bill was passed which includes bills like Land Acquisition bill, Judicial Accountability bill, food security bill and Lokpal bill..The image of India at an international level was thus tarnished..

Was the act of opposition responsible?(answer is subjective)
I find it was not..(stalling parliament is not always the solution)

Even Government was not correct in directly announcing an implementation of such an important bill, without consulting the opposition, even congress's own allies were not consulted..resulting in opposition by Trinamool congress..An all party meeting would have been a positive step forward..The effect of retail stores(especially WalMart)on the 'Mom and Pop'(kirana) stores of America and UK should also have been considered..
"There was good economics but bad politics" by the government..

The Opposition on the other hand wasn't even intending to reach to a consensus..Its leaders were debating on news channels on the issue but not in the parliament. Seemingly, they were playing for the gallery..I also sense doubt in view that crores of kirana shop owners(Unorganised retail sector) will be affected by opening of retail outlets in just 25 megacities..Even power was given to states to suspend this law if required to..The food storage problem of India will also be controlled(though not completely)..Another advantage of FDI was that the money could not have been disinvested immediately by the foreigners..The Investment was favourable for the farmers who would have got their due and they would be provided an alternative buyer..The employment factor should also have been considered..The choice and benefit to the consumer was also a factor..
Moreover, the BJP in 2001 supported the introduction of FDI with 49% stake of foreign investors..
(The FDI decision will again be reintroduced in march with some modifications..)

I would love to see parliamentarians acting responsibly in future(both government and opposition), with the focus on reaching the consensus rather than stalling the working..

I am not in favour of FDI, nor against it..
I was just disappointed with the way issue was handled..

Thank you!!


Wo bachpan hi toh hota hai..
jub hum 'hum' hote hain..
jab chidiyon ki awaaz ko hum 'shor' nahi kehte..
jab baarish ki bundein humein apni our pukarti hai..
jub suraj khud aakar humein jagata hai..
jab chaand-taare kaafi the, puri raat guzarne ke liye..
jab mitti se khelna humein 'ganda' nahi lagta..
jab hum bewajah daudte, girte phir uthte hain..
jab humari urja ke liye kisi prerna ki zarurat nahi hoti..
jab galti karne se hum darte nahi hain..
jab har cheez ko puri tarah se jaanne ki tamanna hoti hai..
jab anjaan mahaol mein humein darr lagta hain..
jab in nanhe nainon ko kajal se sajaya jata hai..
jab un khwabon mein hazar rang hote hain..
jab sahi aur galat se ka matlab bi nai pata tha..
jab na koi dwesh aur na koi chhal ka vichar hota hai..
jab paane ki ummeed nai, bas jeene ki dhun sawaar hoti hai..

Wo bachpan hi toh hota hai..
jab jeene ka maksad sirf 'jeena' hota hai..


Why trees do not grow uniformly?
Why water never flows evenly?
Why is there no fixed time frame for sun to rise and settle?
Why is the distribution of land so disorganized?
Why the distribution of minerals so different?

             Science has answers for it based on the logical inferences, which can be drawn from the factors which influence these things, but perceiving it in a different way, makes you realize that god(the almighty, the supreme force ) was actually not a perfectionist, but he was seemingly an artist(or that mighty force was artistic in nature ), because art encourages freedom of creativity..whereas science actually deals with data and analysis..Though the quantum theories and the atomic theories are outcome of human thinking, they are actually DESIGNED not CREATED..

The uneven, raw, disproportionate and ever varying nature of our surroundings has an effect on human psychology, we tend to think that if something is IDEAL it is not REAL..but we always try to bring REALITY as close as possible to the IDEAL, through our intelligence and understanding..
In a way, Incompleteness enthuse us..Somethings which ought to be there, but, in a certain situation is not there, draws our attention, i.e. even the absence of an obvious thing captures our attention..

On the other hand, perfection of a thing enthralls us,.. because we the think(normally) that perfection never exist,
and if it is made possible(apparently though), it surprises and excites us..
e.g. A perfect detailing of a technological product draws the attention..

in all we have Multiple facets of nature and human thinking..which depends solely on the Individual perspective..
                             Thank you!!


Networking, is usually viewed as a concept with either the effect of the internet or in the context of improving the relations with the people in the same profession..However this seems a very superficial description of a concept with such vast prevalence..

Internet networking in modern times has such a vast effect on the lifestyle as a whole..The Arab Revolution can exemplify this perfectly. The important thing that networking has done in this case is, that it had increased the exposure of the atrocities in particular part to the entire region and provided a sort of platform, where the people with outrageous sentiments can interact and revolt against the tyrannical rule. The resultant effect is the convesrion of a spark to a violent fire..This impact of networking was at a very large level..

Even at a very diminutive level, the concept of networking exist..Consider a case of heating effect on electric conductors..The atoms transfer energy on heating, the interface in this transfer physical proximity of atoms..Here, the networking is not via communication it is via interaction between the basic components of the system which results in the transformation of nature of entire system.. Another example is the generation of ripples in the water surface.. in this case the intensity of interaction is damping..

Human body is no exception to this..In human anatomy, nerves act as networking medium.they act as carrier of senses from parts to brain and brain to parts..Even if there is a problem in functioning of any one component (body part).. It creates awareness about it in the entire system and so that the system can adapt and overcome..

So, networking can be thought of as a concept with universal existence..both at micro and macro level of life..

              Thank you!!



Negotiations is a communication process of reaching to a stage in which interests of all the participants are respected(partially or completely).
Its a kind of Adjustment done to find a middle ground.
There are two ways to reach a consensus in any conversation,
Either to make someone retreat his/her position(which, in majority of cases, is not possible,
as people are always right, according to themselves) or
by Negotiating..

Negotiations have found an irreplaceable place in our routine life.
Women negotiating with the street vendors.
Children negotiating with their parents for some toys,chocolates and so on..
Even in international dialogues and summits, negotiations form a significant part.

Negotiating is a sort of skill which is imperative in modern conditions.
For negotiations the approach needs to be somewhat flexible, all the members in the conversation need to break the ice of firmness, and the efforts should be to reach a common ground, which satisfies the interests of all the members.

A negotiator has to be very clear on what terms to compromise(or discuss) on..
i.e. Pre-negotiation preparation needs to be done on the subject.
A negotiator must have sensible and valid reasons to back his terms and equally valid reasons to reject others.
He has to be patient to listen and to explain his stand..

Thus I think,
Negotiations are eminent to encourage mutual co-existence and for respecting everyone's interests..

"A Moral Revolution"

Last 3 months or so, I have been hearing, reading and thinking about the opinions of certain eminent personalities  in legal fraternity, to combat the vexed problem of corruption..(credits to Anna's movement)
The views were involving technicalities of judicial machinery, which were highly complex..
I was perplexed, as to how can this problem be nailed LEGALLY..
Then tried to find the cause for this..
Discovered that corruption was kind of a medium through which
"Money was exchanged between the common man and the person with respective authority against the favor of doing the work, for which they are paid by the government institution."...(refering to corruption in govt. offices specifically)
It was sort of a Luxury, provided only to Upper and upper middle class masses..

The root cause,
I eventually thought of was that of our society as a whole..
We treat,
Money as a symbol of success..
Honesty, dedication, accountability, credibility
..are the virtues, which are barely respected and recognized..
I came across a conversation between a father and his son.
(Father met his old friend while shopping, they greeted and talked for a while, then the friend left.. )
Father:-Son, the person just met me, has worked as a member of  medical staff in army for the last 15 years and has received great recognition there..
(the reply of son was disturbing)..
Son:-How much does he earn now???

This reflects our approach towards life, as just a money-making process..We try to quantify the person's work with the person's bank balance..

Probably, the only possible solution to this is to change the view of the society..

"The system is as good as the people it involves.."

Which needs to be done at the root level..
i.e. at the most important stage of personal development, at schools..
There needs to be presence of subjects, which propagate a sense of credibility, honesty..and all other noble virtues..
Which will develop a solid moral ground at the very basic level of education..
And will gradually help in changing society as a whole..
This task is enormous, but the problem is equally grand....

In other words,
there is a need for "A Moral Revolution"..
We need to change,  
to change..

Thank you!!

Mashaal..(In support of Anna Hazare's movement)..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..

yeh ek mauka hai..
maukaparaston ko batane ka..
ki agar humne tumhe badhaya hai..
hum tumhe ruka bi sakte hain..
humne tumhe uthaya hai.
toh hum tumhe jhuka bi sakte hai..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye.

bas ek mashal kaafi hai ..
sainkodon ko jalane ke liye..
ab woh mashal  jal chuki hai..
disha ab dikh chuki hai..
bas ab uthkar chalna baaki hai..
aaj na uthe,
toh na jaane kab uth paoge..
apne kal ko aaj hi andhkar mein  dhakel jaoge..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..

humari bebasi ki aadh mein..
unhonene tijoriyan bhari hai..
humari lachari ke dum se..
unki imaratein khadi hai..
ab na hum bebas aur na lachar hain..
ab toh hum, bus ladhne ko taiyar hai..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..

pehle jo bundein thi ab sailab ban chuki hai..
pehle jo dia tha woh aag ban chuki hai..
bas ab sailab ka behna baaki hai..
bas ab aag ka failna baaki hai..
sailab ko umadhne do..
aur aag ko bhadakne do..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..

par itna khayal rakhna..
yeh aag bekabu na ho jaaye..
iss aag se koi begunaah jalne na paaye
iss aag se kisi garib ki kutiya na jal jaaye..

kranti karo,,
par shanti rakho!!!!

Jai Hindh!!
Jai Bharat!!


Many a times in my conversations with people I have come across a statement
"You never know, what's gonna happen.." ,though simple and casual but its very much the true nature of life.
The very  next moment of life  is "Unpredictable",
how interesting is that!!
We do not know, what future has in store for us..
However, I think this is necessary, otherwise it would have been a very dull, monotonous life..
I believe
"Unpredictability keeps us interested.."

However, man has reduced the degree of unpredictability to a large extent by his analytical abilities, that is by consideration of factors affecting the future development and by his scientific(logical) reasoning (deductive power),
BUT there is always an effect of a variable factor, whose nature is UNCERTAIN,INDEPENDENT and which does not follow laws,rules,conditions or limitation of any particular theory..

Various cultures,religions have their own way of predicting the future,
but nothing as yet is satisfactorily accepted.

Even the scientific world has recognised the presence of such an ever varying parameter..
Quantum physics is an apt example for this.
This branch mostly deals with the study of energy changes of the atomic particles,
which results into release of electromagnetic energy..
In context of this,
Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, stated that it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine the position and momentum of the particle simultaneously.(Uncertainty principle)
To overcome such limitation to some extent, a very important mathematical concept was used,
PROBABILITY..which, in numerical form, indicates what are most LIKELY future happenings.
Some degree of uncertainty is unavoidable....

This fact is very much related to our routine life,
and the best possible way to live, I can think of,
To focus on efforts and the rest will take care of itself.......(Teachings from Bhagvad Gita)..

Thank you
Best of LUCK..

What is "Being confident"?

As a child, I was always taught to be self confident, but then I couldn't quite figure out..
Why do I need to be confident?
How does it effect?
Infact I couldn't understand, what it means to be confident?
but as they say "Time is the best teacher,"...Here are the few inferences, I can draw from process of learning from time..

  • Confidence is a sort of satisfaction, which we experience when we perform the assigned task(work) successfully and INDEPENDENTLY.
  • To achieve this state of satisfaction you must be ready enough to TRY and LEARN.
  • By trying you win something, but you lose an opportunity to win if you don't.
  • Winning leads to confidence and confidence leads to winning.
    The only way to initiate this process is by Trying.
  • Lack of confidence causes lack of FOCUS and there is inception of UNCERTAINTIES thereafter.
    This period tests your CHARACTER..
  • While the effect of  too much of confidence(Overconfidence) corroborates with the universal law "Any thing in excess is harmful."
  • A man with confidence proceeds towards destination.
    A man without confidence just thinks about his destination destiny.
  • Luck should never be a factor affecting confidence.
  • Sustained confidence boost the PERFORMANCE and EFFICIENCY...
  • Last, but significant and simple.
                                  "CONFIDENCE  does have an IMPACT"
Note: The above mentioned points are my views formed due to my experiences..
The variance in point of view is respected..
Criticism is always welcome..

              Thank you...