My 'multicolor' home..

Life, by definition, has variety of colors and shades. Happiness, grief, anger, silence etc are colors of life.
Also, our country also is famous for its diversity and 'multi-coloredness'
So, when I thought of designing my home with a few items. I chose 'multi-color' or 'universal' as my theme.
The theme multicolor, also in some way reflects the variety of moods, personalities of a person.

Here are the few items, I could think of
1. A multicolored clock:
This clock would go well with almost anycolour of the wall, It also adds an aesthetic sense along with the purposefulness of clock. Since the colors are bright, it is also signifies the overall energy of the room.
There can be an analogy between how time changes things and multi-coloredness of clock. As time changes things change. e.g. hairs start graying, signifies changes in color with time.

Also to be noticed is some sort of symmetry but in reverse direction i.e with the angle of 180 degrees, which philosophically signifies that two opposite ends have similar results. E.g. excess and lack of anything is harmful, though excess and lack of something are opposite in ideas.

2. A multicolored painting:

This painting demonstrates the mixture of colours in an abstract form of liquid. This painting perfectly justifies the message of 'multi-coloredness' i.e. the theme. It also is in one way defining life as a mixture of variety of colors. It also signifies multiple types of personality in a person.
It also philosophically says, We should see things in different perspectives (different perspectives are analogous to different colors) and then reach a final conclusion(which is a mixture of all the colors).

3. A multi-colored sofa:

The sofa is the most important part of the living room. The color of the above sofa, though mild, but it does not digress from the theme of 'multicolor'. The light color suggest the atmosphere of calmness and moderateness. As sofa is preferably used to relax, so the light color do justice with the mood as well as colorfulness.

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देश मेरा|

आज़ाद हवा की खुशबू ही कुछ और होती है|

चाहे जितनी खामियां हों,
चाहे जितने मतभेद हों,
सब अपने से लगते है|

मेरा मुल्क चाहे अमीर न हो,
मेरा मुल्क मेरा है,
यही अमीरी काफी है|

मेरे देश का किसान,
भूखा रहता है,
पर भूखा नहीं रहने देता मुझे|

मेरे देश का जवान,
गोलियों की आँधियों को झेलता है,
पर मेरा बाल भी बांका नहीं होने देता|

यही बलिदान और निस्वार्थता के संस्कारों से मुझे
पोषित किया गया है|

भ्रष्टाचार के वायरस ने,
कुछ मुझपर भी हमले किये,
पर शुक्रगुज़ार हूँ,
की उन शहीदों से मिली प्रेरणा का टिका मुझे लगा हुआ था|

जय हिंद|

जय भारत|

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Happy Independence day!

The Experience

Well, I was looking for a watch for my mom. But as I am a student still, I had a limited range of within Rs 500. I was searching for an online shopping site. That is when I came across
I started looking for watches, than I just looked around the screen and discovered that I can refine the results via the budget I possess. I found the variety quite interesting. There were many watches fitting in to my meagre budget of Re 500. I bought an analog watch by Maxima for around Rs 460. It was good for the price.
The product description said that it would take 5-6 days to deliver,  but they delivered it within 2 days of order.   The payment mechanism was also very smooth and convenient.
I rate this site as very good overall..

Beauty glimpse

I am going to answer a few questions.
This is for
My health secret?
Well, mine is an open secret. I prefer to go natural. With the emergence of ayurveda and natural therapy centres and more focus on yoga as an exercise, there is improvement in overall health of the country.
So go natural, stay fit..

What does real beauty mean?
Well, beauty is in the eyes of beholder..keeping that argument aside.
Real beauty is in the person's expression,  behaviour, style and decency.
All these aspects manifest the heart in someway so real beauty is in heart.

We like beauty glimpse because, it not only tells the ways in which we can look better, be healthy but also provides do it yourself tricks.
Do visit beauty glimpse

कुछ होने का इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ।

कुछ होने का इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ।

उसी तरह जैसे माँ,
हर पल राह देखती है मेरी,
ज़रा सी देरी पर।

उसी तरह जैसे,
बच्चे सुबह इंतज़ार करते है,
स्कूलबस  का।

जैसे कोई मुसाफिर,
अपनी थकी आँखें जमाये रखता है ,
मंज़िल के इंतज़ार में ।

जैसे कोई विद्यार्थी,
इंतज़ार करता है,
नतीजों का ।

जैसे लोग देखते है किसी करतबी को,
चलते हुए रस्सी पर,
नज़र लगाये रहते है,
उसके मंजिल पर पहुचने तक।


Well, it was the journey of 3 days of mystery..
On the first day, I received a black egg shaped thing..
I just looked around it, just fooled around and found it was a chocolate packed like a black egg..
Well I was confused, as i thought this will be a review type contest, but it turned out to be a mysterious one.
I thought egg and chocolate, how do they fit together?
but... I could not figure out anything. So I ate the chocolate and relaxed..:D
The next day I received a black colored news paper..
I was puzzled and literally said in my mind "What the black!" is that?
On third day, came the  plastic coffee cup..
I could sense something.. Eggs, newspaper and cup.. I suspected its something related to morning..
But what exactly??
I could not think and just gave up!
The next day's gift was a climax of a mysterious movie..
And i opened the packet and it was a black toothbrush by colgate..
OMG i so missed the relation of chocolate to the morning..Chocolate causes germs and hence we need to brush in the morning..
A nice experience it was thank you Blogadda and #whattheblack

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Five Black Things..

Well, I am writing about 5 black things I desire ..

1. A black suit: Who would not desire for a black classy suit? The suit enriches the look and the attitude a man wears. A black suit with a black tie..(like a James Bond..:P)

2. A black DSLR: I know, I am not a professional photographer. But who does not like a detailed picture of nature, people etc.

3. A rich black suitcase: I am going to enter the corporate world soon, it could not get classier and fashionable than a black suitcase.

4. Black formal shoes: Nothing can match the shine and the look of polished black formal shoes.

5. A black watch: A classic black watch from rado or tag heur enriches the experience of looking at the clock.

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क्या करूँ मैं?

A small poem on confusion, a person goes through before working towards a goal.

क्या करूँ मैं?

क्या मुझे पाना है?
मुझे भी अबतक है कहाँ पता|
मंजिल तो तय हो पहले,
मिल ही जाएगा रास्ता|

सोचता हूँ, यूँही निकल पड़ूं,
रास्ता ही मंजिल बता देगा|
फिर सोचता हूँ,
अगर मोड़ आया कोई,
तो किस बुनियाद पर करूँगा फैसला|

तो बस, मंजिल तय करना ही पहली मंजिल है,
देखते है कहाँ ले जाता मुस्तकबिल है|

सोचा एक फहरिस्त बना देते हैं|
तरजीह के मताबिक,
हर हसरत लिख देते हैं|
जो हसरत अव्वल होगी,
वही मंजिल होगी|

तोलने लगा हसरतों को,
पर कुछ समझ नहीं आया|
ये हसरतें तो लिपटी है एकदूसरे से,
जैसे तानाबाना है कोई ऊनी धागों का|

बड़ी मुश्किल से,
हर धागा अलग किया,
गिरहें पढ़ गयी थी, उन्हें भी सुलझा दिया|
कहियों को तोडना भी पड़ा, ज़रूरी था|

अब फहरिस्त तैयार है,
पर सही रास्ते की अबतक दरकार है|

क्या करूँ  मैं?

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