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The Univercell Sync Experience

In this post, I would like to state about my experience at Univercell Sync store at Mumbai.
It was for a joint initiative by indiblogger and Univercell Sync.

Univercell Sync is a dedicated mobile store chain for mobiles and tablets. The word 'Sync' represents the synchronization between variety of services, that a customer needs, while buying a cell phone.
These include pick and drop facility, mobile recharges, technical service etc.

Music section
When I entered the store, there were staffpersons greeting me, which made me feel welcomed..:P
Then I began to talk to them to understand about the store and its core philosophy.

I could understand that the store was divided depending upon the specialities in the phones.
This stated that the focus was not on the brands or prices, but just on the taste and the requirements of the customer.
Following are the sections in the store

1. The Music section
A music person, would conveniently find the best of the phones available in market, which enhance the music experience. It is convenient as well as time-saving.
Besides it also provides accessories like earphones, speakers, buds etc

work and play

2. Work and play: If you are a office-going person and love to play games after a tiring day at work, in local trains or in a bus, then this section is tailor-made for you. The phones in this department are best for emailing, office purposes as well as gaming.

Camera section

3. Camera section: This section focuses on the needs of the photogenics and photography-lovers.
The section provides nice collection in all ranges. Instagram addicts will love this section.

Idea section

4. Dream it. Create it. Deliver it: This section is what I call the 'idea section'. These phones enable you to put your ideas in the form of drawings, sketches, combining pictures etc. They also provide a mechanism to share the Idea.
Ideal for people from creative fields like advertising, writing, art etc.

These were the sections based on the taste and requirement of the customer. The other sections are based on the range, newness etc.

Bazar section

4. Bazar section:
Yes, the name says it all. Its the collection of low range devices at a competitive price. The section has the most number of phones.

5. Tablet section: There is a collection of best and reliable tabs at dedicated corner.
Tablet section

Photo section
6. The photo section: In order to have a remembrance of being there or to check the quality of photo camera a photo section is kept. Click here and share your presence.

7.  Latest arrival sections:

8. Best sellers:

9. The tech-experience section: In this section, the experts provide hands on guidance and services such as data transfer, software updates. Basically all the  support stuff.

10. The additional services: The pictures demonstrate all the services, the store provides

11. The warranty section: This section is the uniqueness of the store. Here in addition to the traditional warranties, new warranties like water resistance warranties are available at a certain price. This shall keep your maintenance bill at check.

12. So, finally, its time to end my long description of the store. So, I would leave you with a picture of checkout counter.

Thank you! Do leave your suggestions..:)


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