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A mouth watering biryani

India is a diverse country. So the food habits also vary accross the country.

Biryani is one such dish, that has presence accross this vast land.
From famous hyderabadi biryani to the streets of Delhi, it is that one dish, Indians love to have.

A mouth-watering biryani is a one with proper quantity of biryani masala... Ofcourse a bit colouring is also appreciated for presentation and feel.
Garlic adds the aroma.. chilly powder enhances its spicy taste.
Biryani Masala is the one used to provide the trademark biryani taste. Besides a number of things from dry-fruits(kaju) to paneer or mushroom, anything can be added. So technically it’s a customizable product..

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My role model: Tukaram Ombale

On 26th november 2008, Mumbai was attacked by a few gunmen, who entered the city coast via a boat.
One of the gunmen was Ajmal Aamir Kasab. They were roaming, with guns in hand, on the streets of Mumbai.
They created a havoc in the city. They killed several locals and tourists, at the CST railway station. Then, the gunmen went to cama hospital and fired, mercilessly killing few people. Then, at leopold cafe they attacked Indians as well as the foreigners.
They finally attacked the pride of Mumbai, hotel Taj Mahal, near gateway of India. They bombed parts of the hotel. As the hotel was a host to number of celebrities and high profile persons, it was all the more important to stop the gunmen.

When the gunmen were roaming,
Ombale and his team were at the duty.
The entire team tried to get hold of kasab. But it was difficult as he was armed. The police was not completely ready as it was a surprise attack.
Ombale caught hold of Kasab's rifle so that others can arrest him.
In the process, he got shot...He died, so that furthur damage was not caused.
This incident inspired me. Because, He respected his duty, more than his life.
He could have just given up or ran away, as he was not armed, but he still continued to resist Kasab.
Kasab's arrest was instrumental in dealing with Pakistan on the issue of Mumbai attacks. As he was the only terrorist, who was caught alive.

Society often does not give that much importance or respect to lower level police officials. In this case, a hawaldaar  gave up his life, so that a terrorist can be caught. 
What we need is dignity of labour. The contribution of such officials needs to be respected.
Indeed, He was a hero. He was a shaheed.
He is my rolemodel.

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My role model: My dad

Fathers are important part of everyone's life. They are the first to guide us in life. They teach us to walk, to behave and much more. They toil hard to  make our lives better.

My dad is a simple, middle-class, common Indian. His life revolves around me, my mom and his work. He has been working hard 9 am to 6 pm daily to ensure we live well. Saving each penny so that I can study without hassles. He is simple man, has minimum needs, but has strong ethics. He has never compromised his integrity and that makes me proud.

I somehow, always try to copy him. My mom says once, when I was 4 years old, I even put on a shaving cream by seeing him do that everyday.
He has no tolerance towards mis-behaviour, that inculcated a sense of behaving well.
Also, He never stopped me from pursuing my interests, but always cautioned me about the realities of life. 

I remember an incident.
One day, My dad asked me to get some money from a friend of him. He gave me the address and I went there. The house was pretty small. The family seemed to be a lower middle class one. I met my dad’s friend, He was kind and was delighted to see me. We started talking. After sometime, he said “Your dad is a very kind man, in this not so kind world. Few years back, My wife was severly ill, I urgently needed some money. No one was ready to lend me money, that’s when your dad gave this money to me. He was a former colleague of me..”.
I can not express my happiness and pride. Its gestures like these that makes an otherwise common man, a special one

I owe, whatever qualities, i possess to him..:) 

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