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Writing, inspiring and networking

Writing has been an ancient way of expression.
Writing has been an important tool for philosophers and reformers over generations to develop the society, to promote liberal values.
Literature has played a major role in making modern society "modern".
Take for example India's freedom struggle, hindi poets have been at the forefront in inspiring and motivating the youth to fight against the oppression.
Even post-independence writers wrote against sati system, child marriage gender equality etc.
In modern times as well, blogs, tweets has been a great catalysts for movements like arab spring, occupy wall-street and even India Against Corruption movement etc
So, writing has always been an inspiring force.

Alog with the component of inspiration, writing also has a component of expression of ideas and thoughts.
The emergence of social media and blogging culture has widened the opportunity for readers to read the content they are interested in.
This lead to engagement and thereby networking.
Even the community culture facilitates networking.

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