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We are many a times unaware of the consequences our actions rather inactions can result in. I have been through one such situation in life.

This was when, I was in the final year of the engineering. The placement season was on.
Everybody was tensed. It was the final lap of the rat race, which we ran for 4 years. Everybody prepared for the aptitudes, interviews and what not.

So, it was this company named xyz pvt limited, which used to hire maximum number of students. It was considered a safe company. People, who did not get any well paid job, used to console themselves by getting in to this company.
I was one such person. Not getting this job would have shattered my confidence.

So, it was the day of the aptitude test and interview. I was studying hard the night before, revising formulas and analyzing resume. It was 3 am and I did not realise how the time passed.
I forgot to shave that night. I used to shave at night before the interview as interview days are stressful.

As I got so engrossed in preparation i forgot to shave. The next morning, i woke up. Looked at the clock it was 10 am. The test was scheduled at 11. I brushed, had a quick bath and left. I went for the aptitude test, it went fine and the next round was interviews.

Well, It was my turn for the interview now. I entered, the guy did not had any change of expression seeing me. He asked some questions, I answered to the point. I was almost sure that I would be recruited. I was eagerly waiting  for results.

Well..well..well i was not selected. I was aghast as i was one of the few unlucky people, who could not make it. When i enquired about the reason, i came to know that it was about not shaving as they consider it unpreparedness and insincerity.

P.S. I got in to a very good company after that J

The Univercell Sync Experience

In this post, I would like to state about my experience at Univercell Sync store at Mumbai.
It was for a joint initiative by indiblogger and Univercell Sync.

Univercell Sync is a dedicated mobile store chain for mobiles and tablets. The word 'Sync' represents the synchronization between variety of services, that a customer needs, while buying a cell phone.
These include pick and drop facility, mobile recharges, technical service etc.

Music section
When I entered the store, there were staffpersons greeting me, which made me feel welcomed..:P
Then I began to talk to them to understand about the store and its core philosophy.

I could understand that the store was divided depending upon the specialities in the phones.
This stated that the focus was not on the brands or prices, but just on the taste and the requirements of the customer.
Following are the sections in the store

1. The Music section
A music person, would conveniently find the best of the phones available in market, which enhance the music experience. It is convenient as well as time-saving.
Besides it also provides accessories like earphones, speakers, buds etc

work and play

2. Work and play: If you are a office-going person and love to play games after a tiring day at work, in local trains or in a bus, then this section is tailor-made for you. The phones in this department are best for emailing, office purposes as well as gaming.

Camera section

3. Camera section: This section focuses on the needs of the photogenics and photography-lovers.
The section provides nice collection in all ranges. Instagram addicts will love this section.

Idea section

4. Dream it. Create it. Deliver it: This section is what I call the 'idea section'. These phones enable you to put your ideas in the form of drawings, sketches, combining pictures etc. They also provide a mechanism to share the Idea.
Ideal for people from creative fields like advertising, writing, art etc.

These were the sections based on the taste and requirement of the customer. The other sections are based on the range, newness etc.

Bazar section

4. Bazar section:
Yes, the name says it all. Its the collection of low range devices at a competitive price. The section has the most number of phones.

5. Tablet section: There is a collection of best and reliable tabs at dedicated corner.
Tablet section

Photo section
6. The photo section: In order to have a remembrance of being there or to check the quality of photo camera a photo section is kept. Click here and share your presence.

7.  Latest arrival sections:

8. Best sellers:

9. The tech-experience section: In this section, the experts provide hands on guidance and services such as data transfer, software updates. Basically all the  support stuff.

10. The additional services: The pictures demonstrate all the services, the store provides

11. The warranty section: This section is the uniqueness of the store. Here in addition to the traditional warranties, new warranties like water resistance warranties are available at a certain price. This shall keep your maintenance bill at check.

12. So, finally, its time to end my long description of the store. So, I would leave you with a picture of checkout counter.

Thank you! Do leave your suggestions..:)

My 'multicolor' home..

Life, by definition, has variety of colors and shades. Happiness, grief, anger, silence etc are colors of life.
Also, our country also is famous for its diversity and 'multi-coloredness'
So, when I thought of designing my home with a few items. I chose 'multi-color' or 'universal' as my theme.
The theme multicolor, also in some way reflects the variety of moods, personalities of a person.

Here are the few items, I could think of
1. A multicolored clock:
This clock would go well with almost anycolour of the wall, It also adds an aesthetic sense along with the purposefulness of clock. Since the colors are bright, it is also signifies the overall energy of the room.
There can be an analogy between how time changes things and multi-coloredness of clock. As time changes things change. e.g. hairs start graying, signifies changes in color with time.

Also to be noticed is some sort of symmetry but in reverse direction i.e with the angle of 180 degrees, which philosophically signifies that two opposite ends have similar results. E.g. excess and lack of anything is harmful, though excess and lack of something are opposite in ideas.

2. A multicolored painting:

This painting demonstrates the mixture of colours in an abstract form of liquid. This painting perfectly justifies the message of 'multi-coloredness' i.e. the theme. It also is in one way defining life as a mixture of variety of colors. It also signifies multiple types of personality in a person.
It also philosophically says, We should see things in different perspectives (different perspectives are analogous to different colors) and then reach a final conclusion(which is a mixture of all the colors).

3. A multi-colored sofa:

The sofa is the most important part of the living room. The color of the above sofa, though mild, but it does not digress from the theme of 'multicolor'. The light color suggest the atmosphere of calmness and moderateness. As sofa is preferably used to relax, so the light color do justice with the mood as well as colorfulness.

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देश मेरा|

आज़ाद हवा की खुशबू ही कुछ और होती है|

चाहे जितनी खामियां हों,
चाहे जितने मतभेद हों,
सब अपने से लगते है|

मेरा मुल्क चाहे अमीर न हो,
मेरा मुल्क मेरा है,
यही अमीरी काफी है|

मेरे देश का किसान,
भूखा रहता है,
पर भूखा नहीं रहने देता मुझे|

मेरे देश का जवान,
गोलियों की आँधियों को झेलता है,
पर मेरा बाल भी बांका नहीं होने देता|

यही बलिदान और निस्वार्थता के संस्कारों से मुझे
पोषित किया गया है|

भ्रष्टाचार के वायरस ने,
कुछ मुझपर भी हमले किये,
पर शुक्रगुज़ार हूँ,
की उन शहीदों से मिली प्रेरणा का टिका मुझे लगा हुआ था|

जय हिंद|

जय भारत|

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Happy Independence day!

The Jabong.com Experience

Well, I was looking for a watch for my mom. But as I am a student still, I had a limited range of within Rs 500. I was searching for an online shopping site. That is when I came across jabong.com.
I started looking for watches, than I just looked around the screen and discovered that I can refine the results via the budget I possess. I found the variety quite interesting. There were many watches fitting in to my meagre budget of Re 500. I bought an analog watch by Maxima for around Rs 460. It was good for the price.
The product description said that it would take 5-6 days to deliver,  but they delivered it within 2 days of order.   The payment mechanism was also very smooth and convenient.
I rate this site as very good overall..

Beauty glimpse

I am going to answer a few questions.
This is for www.beautyglimpse.com
My health secret?
Well, mine is an open secret. I prefer to go natural. With the emergence of ayurveda and natural therapy centres and more focus on yoga as an exercise, there is improvement in overall health of the country.
So go natural, stay fit..

What does real beauty mean?
Well, beauty is in the eyes of beholder..keeping that argument aside.
Real beauty is in the person's expression,  behaviour, style and decency.
All these aspects manifest the heart in someway so real beauty is in heart.

We like beauty glimpse because, it not only tells the ways in which we can look better, be healthy but also provides do it yourself tricks.
Do visit beauty glimpse

कुछ होने का इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ।

कुछ होने का इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ।

उसी तरह जैसे माँ,
हर पल राह देखती है मेरी,
ज़रा सी देरी पर।

उसी तरह जैसे,
बच्चे सुबह इंतज़ार करते है,
स्कूलबस  का।

जैसे कोई मुसाफिर,
अपनी थकी आँखें जमाये रखता है ,
मंज़िल के इंतज़ार में ।

जैसे कोई विद्यार्थी,
इंतज़ार करता है,
नतीजों का ।

जैसे लोग देखते है किसी करतबी को,
चलते हुए रस्सी पर,
नज़र लगाये रहते है,
उसके मंजिल पर पहुचने तक।


Well, it was the journey of 3 days of mystery..
On the first day, I received a black egg shaped thing..
I just looked around it, just fooled around and found it was a chocolate packed like a black egg..
Well I was confused, as i thought this will be a review type contest, but it turned out to be a mysterious one.
I thought egg and chocolate, how do they fit together?
but... I could not figure out anything. So I ate the chocolate and relaxed..:D
The next day I received a black colored news paper..
I was puzzled and literally said in my mind "What the black!" is that?
On third day, came the  plastic coffee cup..
I could sense something.. Eggs, newspaper and cup.. I suspected its something related to morning..
But what exactly??
I could not think and just gave up!
The next day's gift was interesting..like a climax of a mysterious movie..
And i opened the packet and it was a black toothbrush by colgate..
OMG i so missed the relation of chocolate to the morning..Chocolate causes germs and hence we need to brush in the morning..
A nice experience it was thank you Blogadda and #whattheblack

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Five Black Things..

Well, I am writing about 5 black things I desire ..

1. A black suit: Who would not desire for a black classy suit? The suit enriches the look and the attitude a man wears. A black suit with a black tie..(like a James Bond..:P)

2. A black DSLR: I know, I am not a professional photographer. But who does not like a detailed picture of nature, people etc.

3. A rich black suitcase: I am going to enter the corporate world soon, it could not get classier and fashionable than a black suitcase.

4. Black formal shoes: Nothing can match the shine and the look of polished black formal shoes.

5. A black watch: A classic black watch from rado or tag heur enriches the experience of looking at the clock.

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क्या करूँ मैं?

A small poem on confusion, a person goes through before working towards a goal.

क्या करूँ मैं?

क्या मुझे पाना है?
मुझे भी अबतक है कहाँ पता|
मंजिल तो तय हो पहले,
मिल ही जाएगा रास्ता|

सोचता हूँ, यूँही निकल पड़ूं,
रास्ता ही मंजिल बता देगा|
फिर सोचता हूँ,
अगर मोड़ आया कोई,
तो किस बुनियाद पर करूँगा फैसला|

तो बस, मंजिल तय करना ही पहली मंजिल है,
देखते है कहाँ ले जाता मुस्तकबिल है|

सोचा एक फहरिस्त बना देते हैं|
तरजीह के मताबिक,
हर हसरत लिख देते हैं|
जो हसरत अव्वल होगी,
वही मंजिल होगी|

तोलने लगा हसरतों को,
पर कुछ समझ नहीं आया|
ये हसरतें तो लिपटी है एकदूसरे से,
जैसे तानाबाना है कोई ऊनी धागों का|

बड़ी मुश्किल से,
हर धागा अलग किया,
गिरहें पढ़ गयी थी, उन्हें भी सुलझा दिया|
कहियों को तोडना भी पड़ा, ज़रूरी था|

अब फहरिस्त तैयार है,
पर सही रास्ते की अबतक दरकार है|

क्या करूँ  मैं?

For more poems Click here


Well, after a long time, a not so sophisticated poem on "conversations"..:)

Yeh baatein..

Shuru khud hi ho padhti hai..
Khatam zabardasti karna hota hai..
Inhe chalne do toh zindagi nikal jae..
Rok do toh duriyan ho jae..
Baaton ka matlab, sirf kehna toh hota nahi..
sunna samajhna hi toh pura karta hai inhein..

Jo zuban se, nikalte hai shabd, bas unhein hi baatein mat samajhna..
Baatein woh hai, jo aankhon
se b ho jaati hai..

Log kehte hai..
baatein hi toh hai, baaton ka kya?
Wahi log kehte hai,
Man halka hota hai, baatein batane se..

Baaton baaton mein hi dorein  bandh jaati hai..
Baaton se hi toh dararein padh jaati hai..
baaton se hi toh mulaqatein shuru hoti hai,
gafalaton ki wajah b baatein hoti hai..

Kuch acha ho toh kaha jaata hai.."kya baat hai!!"
Naa ho toh kaha jaata hai
"Bhala yeh b koi baat hai?"

Baaton se banti apni ek pehchan hai..
kuch baatein karnewaale hote hai,
kuch ke baare baatein hoti hai..

Kaun kehta hai baaton k liye..kisi ki zarurat hoti hai?
Baatein toh khud k saath b ho jaati hai..Shayad sirf wajah honi chahiye baat karne ki?

Maaf kijiye..
Baatein bewajah b ho hi jaati hai..

Yeh baatein..

A mouth watering dish: chhole bhature

The Punjab, land of 5 rivers, the land of Sikhism, is famous for the large-heartedness of the people. The food culture there represent the same large-heartedness. 

Chhola-bhatura is a hungry man's delight. Its not among the most healthiest but it surely is among the most tastiest. It is indeed the trademark of the Punjab.

Well, its spicy, heavy and delicious.

1. A gravy is made of ginger and garlic
2. tomato is smashed and added to the gravy
3. The gravy is cooked.
4. Chhola masala is added to the gravy
5. Boiled chhola are put in to the gravy and allowed to cook in pressure cooker

The heart of sabzi of chhola is the spices..

Bhaturas are basically made of maida( a kind of dough).. It is deep fried like a puri of puri-bhaji..

The combination of these two produces a purely magical taste..
And serving it in either of the dinner sets at 
is indeed all the more delightful..

Do have a look at http://www.myborosil.com/..

A mouth watering biryani

India is a diverse country. So the food habits also vary accross the country.

Biryani is one such dish, that has presence accross this vast land.
From famous hyderabadi biryani to the streets of Delhi, it is that one dish, Indians love to have.

A mouth-watering biryani is a one with proper quantity of biryani masala... Ofcourse a bit colouring is also appreciated for presentation and feel.
Garlic adds the aroma.. chilly powder enhances its spicy taste.
Biryani Masala is the one used to provide the trademark biryani taste. Besides a number of things from dry-fruits(kaju) to paneer or mushroom, anything can be added. So technically it’s a customizable product..

Let us just think about, this hot and spicy cuisine is served in a equally royal dinner-set by  http://www.myborosil.com/. Won't you feel like a maharaja or a sultan, having such delicious dinner..:P

Imagine, if you are back from work, tired and hungry. You sense its beautiful smell..:P

My role model: Tukaram Ombale

On 26th november 2008, Mumbai was attacked by a few gunmen, who entered the city coast via a boat.
One of the gunmen was Ajmal Aamir Kasab. They were roaming, with guns in hand, on the streets of Mumbai.
They created a havoc in the city. They killed several locals and tourists, at the CST railway station. Then, the gunmen went to cama hospital and fired, mercilessly killing few people. Then, at leopold cafe they attacked Indians as well as the foreigners.
They finally attacked the pride of Mumbai, hotel Taj Mahal, near gateway of India. They bombed parts of the hotel. As the hotel was a host to number of celebrities and high profile persons, it was all the more important to stop the gunmen.

When the gunmen were roaming,
Ombale and his team were at the duty.
The entire team tried to get hold of kasab. But it was difficult as he was armed. The police was not completely ready as it was a surprise attack.
Ombale caught hold of Kasab's rifle so that others can arrest him.
In the process, he got shot...He died, so that furthur damage was not caused.
This incident inspired me. Because, He respected his duty, more than his life.
He could have just given up or ran away, as he was not armed, but he still continued to resist Kasab.
Kasab's arrest was instrumental in dealing with Pakistan on the issue of Mumbai attacks. As he was the only terrorist, who was caught alive.

Society often does not give that much importance or respect to lower level police officials. In this case, a hawaldaar  gave up his life, so that a terrorist can be caught. 
What we need is dignity of labour. The contribution of such officials needs to be respected.
Indeed, He was a hero. He was a shaheed.
He is my rolemodel.

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My role model: My dad

Fathers are important part of everyone's life. They are the first to guide us in life. They teach us to walk, to behave and much more. They toil hard to  make our lives better.

My dad is a simple, middle-class, common Indian. His life revolves around me, my mom and his work. He has been working hard 9 am to 6 pm daily to ensure we live well. Saving each penny so that I can study without hassles. He is simple man, has minimum needs, but has strong ethics. He has never compromised his integrity and that makes me proud.

I somehow, always try to copy him. My mom says once, when I was 4 years old, I even put on a shaving cream by seeing him do that everyday.
He has no tolerance towards mis-behaviour, that inculcated a sense of behaving well.
Also, He never stopped me from pursuing my interests, but always cautioned me about the realities of life. 

I remember an incident.
One day, My dad asked me to get some money from a friend of him. He gave me the address and I went there. The house was pretty small. The family seemed to be a lower middle class one. I met my dad’s friend, He was kind and was delighted to see me. We started talking. After sometime, he said “Your dad is a very kind man, in this not so kind world. Few years back, My wife was severly ill, I urgently needed some money. No one was ready to lend me money, that’s when your dad gave this money to me. He was a former colleague of me..”.
I can not express my happiness and pride. Its gestures like these that makes an otherwise common man, a special one

I owe, whatever qualities, i possess to him..:) 

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My Role Model: Prasoon Joshi

Prasoon Joshi, an amazing poet, superb lyricist and a very successful adman, is my role model..
Here is the video..:)

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Cricket madness..

Well its that time of the year, which the cricket fans love the most.
Right from schools, colleges to offices, from chai-wallahs to five star hotels, the discussion has to be at some point about,
how their favourite IPL team performed last night?
Who should be picked up?
Who should be dropped?
Who does what better?
Such is the madness(frenzy) about the cricket in India.
With the advent of the IPL this madness has only been aggravated.

However the cricket is not as it used to be now. There are better cameras, better accessories for players, better access to information and more over live scores, has made following cricket all the more convenient.
Not just live scores, even entire live scorecard and written commentary can also be experienced at starsports.com .
With the advent of smart phones with smart apps and the increasing penetration of mobile internet, it is possible to be in touch with the game all the time.
Also, the upgradation of traditional mobile internet i.e. GPRS(2G) with 3G has made it even more simpler to experience live cricket match.
Live streaming, live analysis etc. , on your phone is simply amazing

One such incident, I experienced live streaming, is when, there was a family function for a wedding of a distant relative. I was bored (you know how these family functions are!!).
My friends were teasing me as they all were watching the game and were having great fun.
I tried my best to leave, but in vain.
I went on the terrace and no one was there, I quickly took out my phone, got an online recharge for a 3G pack and logged in to starsports.com.
Andd the live action starts.
I was there till the match ended.
A close match it was and my favourite team won..
I could not stop shouting…:D :P
I guess nobody heard that!

Another was when I got stuck in a traffic (Yeah, it was Mumbai ), once again 3G came to my rescue..:D 

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जब यार साथ होते हैं..

A very nostalgic poem describing the time we have with our friends..:)

जब यार साथ होते हैं,
तो ग़म कहाँ होते हैं!

हंसी के ठहाकों को,
हम घर से उठा लाते हैं!
दर्द को तो चांटा लगाकर,
अपने गाँव भेज देते हैं|

जब यार साथ होते हैं,
तो ग़म कहाँ होते हैं!

अपने-अपने अरमानों के फ़साने,
बड़े शौंक से सुनाते हैं!
बड़े गौर से सुनते है हम,
सुनकर खिल्ली फिर उड़ाते हैं|

जब यार साथ होते हैं,
तो ग़म कहाँ होते हैं!

आदतें सिर्फ अपनी नहीं रहती,
सबकी बन जाती है!
ज़िन्दगी भी अपनी कहाँ होती है,
सबकी हो जाती है|

रास्तों से अपनी अलग ही यारी है,
साथ उसीकी के ही तो हमने सीखी दुनियादारी है|
गली-गली घूमते हैं,
नुक्कड़ पर कहीं ठहेरते है|
यूँही अपनी शामें बसर करते हैं|

जेबों में रुपयों के पड़े लाले हैं,
बस यार साथ हो तो अच्छे दिवाले भी हैं!

जब यार साथ है,
तो ग़मों की क्या औकात है?

                       --धिरेन नवानी 'ध्रुव'

Photo source: http://www.santabanta.com/photos/friendship/9024050.htm