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Yeh pal..

A very random hindi poetry.

Yeh pal mere paas theherta kyun nahi..
kahan chala jaata hai yeh! 
Ab mein iss pal mein hun aur...ab nahin..
bada shatir maalum hota hai yeh pal..
jab tak na socho iske baare mein..saath rahega..
par jab dyan jata hai toh furrr!

Yeh pal, jaise waqt ke sagar ki ek boond hai..
beshak sagar boondon se banta hai..
Par us sagar ko boondon mein kaise baantein?
kahan boond shuru hui kahan khatam..
iss waqt ko palon mein kaise baantein?
kahan yeh pal shuru hua..
kahan woh shuru..
kaise pata chale?
naa koi maap na koi wazan..kya tolein?

Yeh pal fir yaad toh reh jaate hain..
par gumnam hokar waqt k sath beh jaate hai..
yeh tasveeron mein kaid toh ho jate hai..
par unmein basi zindagi toh kho jati hai...bas tasveer reh jaati hai..

Iss pal ka astitva isi pal mein hai..
par yeh pal kitni der hai kise pata?


So its election season, every neta and every political party, would be seeing you as a potential voter(only if you are eligible to vote..:P). Indiblogger comes up with another contest, in association with WECHAT India.

Topic: How would you inspire and mobilize India's youth to participate in the Indian General Election 2014, using social mobile applications?

Social mobile applications have revolutionized our daily communication.
Using such a powerful platform for enhancing the democracy in a large and a very argumentative country like India, is indeed a great and a novel idea.

Youngsters are the pillar of strength of any democracy, it is through their participation and involvement shall the nation develop.

To be true, the current generation lacks the general awareness and interest in the process of elections and expressing their opinion. The general feeling is that it is a pointless exercise.
A part of  this is due to the lack of communication between the political contestants, activists and youngsters.
This gap can be bridged with the help of a social mobile application like WeChat!.

WeChat, as we all know is a significant player of social mobile messaging arena, it has variety of features, right from free calling to wonderful stickers, which add fun to our daily conversation. These features can be used by people to promote voting in elections.

Sharing in peer network: They say  "One bad apple spoils entire lot", the vice versa is true as well. An informed person can inform several others.
 The broadcasting feature of WeChat! enables us to send information to many.

Sharing is encouraging

Thereby an environment of awareness can be created via messaging. Web links, PDF's and what not can be broadcasted!
This exercise encourages one to vote, just like we feel to clap, when everyone around us claps.

The grouping activity can enable people to debate, discuss, present facts, refute and thereby take part in opinion making.
It exposes one to various points of view, regarding a contestant or a political party.
The more one discusses, the more aware and capable one is to decide to vote.
Group of a people belonging to a particular occupation or interest, can discuss about the impact of election on their lives and lifestyle.
Group can consists of experienced experts, who add wisdom and youngsters, who add a fresh thinking in to the debates. 

The location based services provided by WeChat! can also be used to address and discuss solution to local problems. The contestant needs to clear his stand on variety of issues. A virtual forum of information exchange can be created.

Moreover, meetings can be carried out by the citizens and WeChat can be used as a coordination platform.

The contestants can have a M-rally(A campaign targeted to mobile users.), which is an alternative to noisy street rallies.
The announcements will  be via messages, this will help the citizens to participate and get connected to the policies of the contestants in a more personalized manner.
The Election commission can also address issues via WeChat.
The online polls can also be conducted, if WeChat introduces a feature of polling.
The bhashans could then be heard, via sophisticated speakers, anytime, anywhere, or they can even be read on a PDF files

To connect you just need a WeChat ID and not necessarily a phone number, so you can avoid unnecessary calls. There is also a feature of blocking, in case you are being troubled.

So, hope 2014 brings WeDemocracy, i.e. Democracy using WeChat
and people WeVote i.e. encouraging voting using WeChat!!


Opinion: The AAP Phenomena

So, the stage is set for Arvind Kejriwal to become the next Chief Minister of Delhi.  As a very Aam Aadmi I would like to present my post on AAP.

2014 Delhi state elections marked the emergence of a completely new kind of politics. It reflected the anger and fatigue of a "common man" against the conventional political system.
For the first time the authority of two national political parties was challenged in the capital city-state of India.
The election results imply the beginning of change in political discourse.
Its a very welcome change, considering the dire wish of common people to see politics on policies and not just on ideologies.
The change in voting pattern is not a result of a sudden outburst of disgust against the current political establishment. Its the result of agglomeration of anger of people over a period of time.
The reasons of this anger can be as follows

  • The disconnect of politicians with common people and their insensitivity and negligence towards the needs of the public is the one of the most important reasons.
  • CORRUPTION [self-explanatory..:D]
  • Crime and politics became almost synonyms. The current (15th) Lok Sabha has almost 162 MPs with criminal cases pending and about 76 MPs out of them have serious criminal cases pending.
    The total strength of Lok Sabha is 545. These figures would baffle any common Indian.
  • The increased vigilance by media in checking corruption is an important reason for awareness among the masses, particularly the youth. The sting operations, along with exposes, caused with the help of effective implementation of Right To Information act by the activists as well as journalists led to the revelation of many dirty secrets of political class.
  • The rise of Internet as a sharing platform, empowered every user, by facilitating the free flow of ideas and encouraging democracy. Movements like India Against Corruption, led by Anna Hazare, gained momentum because of its presence in social media. 
The emergence of AAP is the consequent of above antecedents. The most important reason would be the Anna Hazare's movement, which caught the attention, trust and huge support of the common people.

Along with this feeling of hope, I can also feel a sense of apprehension.
The policy of AAP to decentralize power and inclusion of people is indeed novel and encouraging, but at the same time it may not be feasible as there is no well established model of referendum for such populated country or even a densely populated city like Delhi.

The decentralization might lead to anarchy, I am not being cynical, but it can be a real problem, as much of economic problems in India are because of indecision, inaction or too much time spent in consultation. An honest authority is needed.

There is the feeling that AAP may promote a socialist agenda, where "profit" is a dirty word and may affect investment sentiments. AAP has to find a fine balance.

In India, many a times, people need not just be represented, they have to be "lead". I am not questioning the acumen of common people, but India is a country with entrenched illiteracy and unawareness.
Leading means to take decision on behalf of people with proper consultation. Consultation need not always be referendum.
What we need is honesty!

I repeat, I do not want to be a cynic, I want the above points to be discussed and considered. I am in complete support of AAP in present circumstances.
I want above points to act as constructive criticism.

However, the best case for the country would be when all the current parties as well as other parties which are to be formed on the lines of AAP, would feel the pressure to field honest and able candidates, because of each other.

The politics, then would  be on right issues, concerning people..:)

Thank You!!

Today was his date!

I am accepting Heena Shah Dhedhi’s tag.

Today was his date..
He woke up late..
He did not shave..
He thought he still has entire day..
He took a shower..
Got his clothes from the drawer..
Dressed up! He left for the class..
He remembered, "How boring it yesterday was?"
Still he has to go..
His attendance was already far too low..
He got on bus..
He reached his class..
He tried to study..
But too bored up he was, to study..
He was feeling drowsy..
But he had to remain awake..
He just stared at the professor...
And thought about his date..

She, in a beautiful dress..
He, in a gentleman’s attire..
His hand with her hand..
Soft music and dance..
The presence of moon..
That awesome perfume..
The glow in her eyes..
The charm of her smile..
The grace of her moves..
Dinner, candle night..
Oh! What a night!

Tringg tringg!!
The bell rang..
He was in his senses..
Left for his brothers house..
He had some work..
Was there for about an hour..
He then went to his friends house..
They went for a hangout..
Had fun there..
He left for his home..
But, the bus was late..
Super late..
He had to wait..
The bus finally arrived..
He boarded..
Ahh! That was the last thing..
That slow moving traffic..
He was late..he reached home
He wore his dress..
And went for the date..
Alas! He forgot to shave..
He went to the meeting place..
She was waiting for him..
She saw him..she was appalled..
She said..”How untidy you are?”
He said “What happen?”
She said “That smelly stubble!!”
He said “Baby! Its my new look..”
She said “U look like a crook!”
And She went away!

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Milaap: Lend a little, change a lot..

Today, I attended a blogger meet organized by indiblogger along with Milaap. So the subject of my post would be milaap. I thank them for providing me an opportunity to attend this meet.

So what is Milaap?
Milaap is a mission driven company, which aims to change how people fund or help the NGO's and the people in need.

They do this using internet as a platform of reaching out to people, who wish to lend a helping hand to the needy. Its not about donating, it is basically  a LENDING platform, wherein you lend a sum of money, which reaches to needy people, who wish to set up some sort of an enterprise. You can choose the desired cause and the people, you wish to lend.
The money will be returned once the enterprise starts. This leads to the empowerment of needy and proper utilization of the helper's money.
You can even relend the same money to some other cause. It is similar to financing enterprises, but for a noble cause.

In the meet, we heard the first hand account of a helper, who went all the way to Mizoram to see the effect of his help. His experience was indeed gratifying. This ensured the credibility of the process.

This is the step towards building India, we all wish to see.
 For more information visit MILAAP
Their twitter id https://twitter.com/milaapdotorg

I support Milaap, Do you?

Please do see the video of Mahananda, whose life was affected by Milaap..

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k026QTnKlqQ

Recharge your hair and recharge India

There is an ambience of hopelessness..
Molestation of girls is bitter reality..
There is a need to recharge the lost confidence, the lost hope..
Men need to be awared, women are to be empowered..
Yes, we can..
Recharging hair..is the symbol of reinvention, rejuvenation of our belief, of our struggle to dignified life.
So recharge hair and recharge India.

Do visit Sunsilk.

5 Gifts

1. Good education: It is the most essential need of the present world. Education makes you a good human being as well as play an important role in making you a successful human being.

2. Peace at home: It is very important. The child is, what he sees.

3. Good bank balance: Money is something, which can never be ignored. A good insurance, bank balance is of utmost importance.

4.  Inspiration: You act only if you are inspired!!

5. Freedaom: Freedom to do, whatever he/she wants


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If its breezer it has to be cranberry!!

If its breezer it has to be cranberry!!
Imagine after a hard day at work, you come home tired, listless..
The best way to relax is with a breezer..
And if its cranberry, its like a feather on the hat..
The taste of cranberry is such pleasurable..such soothing..
Whether you are at a party or relaxing alone..
Its the perfect drink to accompany you..
Its a perfect refreshment, as it has antioxidants..
So give it a try..
And who can be better than bacardi for making such a drink..
Check it out..

A niggle, shave that ugly stubble..

On a certain day, a man just came home after his daily routine, his wife was waiting inside. She suddenly hugged him and she said..

Oh my love..
You are my everything..
My silence..
My night..
My hero..
My knight..
You are my rising sun..
You are the reason, my life's lanterns burn
You are that saviour in gloom..
You are my smiling moon...
You are the prince of my dreams..
With you is my dignity, my esteem..
When you touch, pleasure is immense..
In your arms, it feels heaven..
Just hold me, hold me tight..
Be there, be by my side..

The man was shocked and said [she was still in his arms]

Oh My God! I Love you honey..
I did not knew, you love me so much..
I never knew, you are so sweet, as such..
Never could I find..how you feel?
Today, so lucky I feel..
I feel loved I feel cared..

The man was completely immersed in feeling of thankfulness and love..
Then came a cracker..

She said[in his arms]
Honey you are perfect!
I have..emm.. I have just that one niggle!
Can you just shave of that ugly stubble?
Its so sicky..
It pricks when I kiss..
It smells, when I take a breath..:D

Man was like “whaaaatttt”?..:D


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Kudrat bi insaaf kahan karti hai..

Kudrat bi insaaf kahan karti hai..

Woh ghosle mein jo panchi palta hai..
woh uddna seekhta hai..
usse pankh hai..
aatma nirbhar ho jata hai..

Woh pedh par jo patta  hai..
jab tutta hai toh zamein par girta hai..
chhapalon aur gaadiyon tale aa jata hai..
Uska astitva hi pedh hota hai..
aur woh khatm ho jata hai..

Kudrat bi insaaf kahan karti hai..

Log kehte hai..
Ujaala acha hota hai..
Aur bure ka munh kaala hota hai..

Jo pyaas bujata dharti ki..
woh badal kaala hota hai..
jo dararein bharta dharti mein..
woh suraj hai, jisse ujaala hota hai..

Kudrat bi insaaf kahan karti hai..


A very simple and small poem on "being you.."

If you are not "you",
than who are you?
But we are not we,
because we just don't want to be..

You have your eyes, your face,
Nobody else has them, just embrace..
You have your life, your own story,
Be a good author of it,
Let the fate be the jury..

Its ok to get inspiration, human or divine,
But remember plagiarism is a crime..
Its great to love someone else,
but equally important is to respect yourself..

You cannot please everyone,
but make sure you do not hurt anyone..
There are people, who care about you,
do not lose them, they are priceless..
There are people, you care about,
continue.., only if your care is cared about..

It is necessary to develop, to improve,
but its equally necessary not to compromise "being you.."


Image source:http://vishinskydesigns.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/you-painting-with-sculpture-hand-pointing/

3D shopping

The post is for the contest "Future of Contest" by ebay and indiblogger.
The shopping experience has become extremely personalised with the advent of "e-commerce" as an alternative to physical shopping.
Even the paying mechanism is far more secured, besides comparison of prices is far more convenient, making it easier to get the best price.

So what after this?
I gave it a thought.
After pricing, the most sought after thing for shoppers I could think of was about "Experience."
How about making it more realistic?
How about making it 3D?
Like those fiction movies, using virtual reality or even complete virtualization, to make the experience of the user, sitting in front of his computer a more exciting one!! Its gonna be really interactive!!
Just think, how would it feel experiencing the shopping mall at your pc, touring the mall, picking up the products, trying them, though virtually.
Even trying shoes, shirts, t shirts, searching for perfect sizes, all will be possible.
All the fashionistas chatting  online with each others about the fashion trends, book lovers suggesting books.
All you would need is, your computer, the 3D goggles and cash in your account..:P
To make this idea real, we require tremendous power of technology.. The memory management, data speeds, graphic designing are all issues.
I am sure as the technology required for it matures, this imagination(presently) will be a reality..
And I am very hopeful, that it would be Ebay, who will introduce this concept..
Thank You..:)

Have a look at this concept at

At the stroke of midnight..

At the stroke of midnight,
A nation was reborn,
Tricolor gained its deserved position,
but this time the nation was divided,(partition).
The nation, which shone like glittering sunlight, was now in dark clouds of poverty.
But there was a sense of fulfillment of purpose.
India was now FREE once again..
This achievement was costly..
Swarajya costed blood of innumerable and many unsung martyrs..
There was satisfaction of freedom and the sense of loss, at the same time..

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Its too much of politics..

A critical article on Indian media, which gives too much importance to politics.
("Media" here means "television news channels"..)
They say its the age of media, of free expression.
What they don't say is that its an age of unnecessary magnification of politics..
What constitutes India?
Just these corrupt conniving political class?(there may be exceptions.)
Absolutely no.

Its unfortunate for the audience and shameful of media, that today a common Indian is deprived of
balanced and sensible news.
The political news has virtually hijacked the airtime and airspace of news channels.
Its just too much of politics..

Its true that, in present times, news is not just about "information", its about "information and analysis", but in the name of analysis what we witness is noise, hype and distraction.
What we witness is called "overanalysis".
Analysis needs to be done by neutral analysts or "political commentators".
Unfortunately, what we witness is sensationalism and callous finger pointing by representatives of political parties.
The news channel discussions become a sort of "akhaadaa" for party representatives to push their agenda, which is obviously against rival parties.

The recent emphasis on politics behind food security bill is also outrageous.
Why not a discussion on food security bill's provision?
Why on politics behind it?

The recent "puppy" remark by Narendra Modi was discussed for approximately 3 long days(as per my observations) and that too during prime times.
I wonder, what was such a great thing about that petty remark?

It is evident, they report what is "sellable" and negativity as you know is an unavoidable ingredient of a "breaking news" today.
I do not say we have to be unrealistically positive or be optimistic, but exaggerating negativity is immoral.

The responsibility of media is not to cater to the user's desire of entertainment or gossip, its about reporting news in an unbiased way and to force people to think and thereby empower the voter and improve the society.

I do consider political news as important, because its directly related to our life, but its not the sole important thing.

As we know, the infringement by one is the loss of other, the overemphasis on politics has led to underreporting of several other issues.

Literature has been the reason of revolution umpteen number of times.
Literature is highly ignored. There are hardly handful of shows on the news channels which report about developments in the field of literature. Most of these shows are by english channels.
The situation of hindi channels is worse.

Where are those shows which educate us about laws, about civic sense, about our rights to make us better citizens?
Why can't news channels be a source of general education?

Science is another neglected field.
Why do not channels regularly try to track the research by our hardworking, deserving scientists and educate people and thereby motivate researchers?

I hardly found a so called analysis by media on recent launch of India's first navigation satellite.
Don't the people involved in the project deserved a pat on their back?
Won't their achievement inspire youth?

Its painful when channels prefer to retelecast the political interviews and discussions, thereby avoiding areas mentioned above.

Its responsibility of media to not just report or inform, but to empower people and change them..:)

P.S. : There are also some wonderful works done by media and journalists, but unfortunately they are few.
I wrote above article just to highlight the defects in present media, because its a very powerful medium and I believe its improvement will contribute tremendously to nation's improvement.
I do respect media and actually wanted to be a journalist..:P
Hope, it proves to be a constructive criticism..:)

Thank You!!

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: Review

A small review of the movie "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag"

Cast:  Farhan Akhtar, Sonam Kapoor, Pavan Malhotra, Divya Dutta.
Written By: Prasoon Joshi
Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

"Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" is a kind of biographical movie on Milkha Singh, aka "The flying sikh", star athlete  of 1950's and 1960's
The pre-release buzz around the movie and especially the music of the movie was promising.
The movie delivers on some parameters, but it is not the best according to standards the director had set with his debut movie "Rang De Basanti".
Talking about the lead actor Farhan Akhtar, this man has given his heart out for the role, never in the movie can you point out that he is out of track. Milkha Singh is jolly, carefree, rustic, innocent but a very stubborn personality, especially for his passion, running.
I was initially very sceptical, whether Farhan would be able to do justice with the role, as the role required a strong personality, i.e of a punjabi army man, who has gone through the trauma of partition.
I was actually interested to see how Farhan manages to voice his character as we know he does not have a strong voice as Amitabh bachchan or Sanjay Dutt..
I was satisfied with his dialogue delivery though and his punjabi was very punjabi..:P
He very well transited from a very urban, cool guy in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara to very desi Milkha Singh.
So, if you are a Farhan Akhtar fan, it is for you and if you are not, you will become his fan..:P
Sonam Kapoor has a very unexpectedly, brief role, she plays that pretty decently though.
Divya Dutta, who played role of Milkha Singh's older sister, is good and in to the character.
Pavan Malhotra also plays a decent role as Milkha's coach.

Shankar-Ehsan-Loy has given great music, it matches the situation and the mood of the audience.

The cinematography is superb, the running sequences are riveting. The screenplay or rather story telling is a shortcoming, if there is need to point out one.
There are simply too many flashbacks, the director is known for this, this obstructs the flow of the story and the connection with the emotions. In such a inspiring and emotionally charged movie, you need to keep audience engaged.
The sequences of partition period were very moving and had an impact.
The movie was long, you might feel a little low on interest, but thankfully those moments were rare.

Overall, they succeeded in making a good inspiring movie, but they failed to produce an epic. 
It is still worth a watch..:)

I Learnt..

A post on some lessons I got in life.

We see a lot of things around us, which teach us. If given due attention and taken with positive spirit, these things can transform us and make us a better person.
What we need to possess is the willingness to learn.
If we are willing to learn, there will never be scarcity of teachers.
We as human beings are designed to accept things only if there is proof of it in other words we need examples. Examples make us believe, some of them even inspire us..

I present learnings from my life in the form of small poetries..

Nature has always been a powerful source of learning for me, right from my childhood...
I would like to present some of those lessons in the form of a small poetry

Lessons by nature:
This long old tree, seems very common and normal
what it taught me, that change(growth) is gradual..
The same tree in different seasons
taught me that change was imminent.
The sun comes daily as if it is newborn
and taught me that everyday is new and the show must go on..
Those seeds never grew, which I hopefully planted
this taught me that everything is uncertain take nothing for granted..
They taught, I learnt..

These are some lessons I learnt, when I was studying for my academics..

Lessons during academics:
When I was young,
I used to blunder in arithmetic problems,
My teacher observed the mistake pattern,
She observed that I followed wrong order of operations,
and taught a rule in return,
It was Bracket Of Division Multiplication Addition and Subraction(BODMAS) 
She observed and I learnt..

When I was in junior college
I and my friend were perplexed
because of the concept of "Spin motion of electrons"
A video on the internet was the answer to all the confusions..
I explored and I learnt..

When I was studying programming
My programs were cluttered, full of confusion,
I saw my professor coding and learnt a better way representation..
It was leaving spaces for better understanding, it was called indentation..
I saw and I learnt..

Our lives are always influenced by great men.. These are some lessons from these greats, I learnt

Lessons from greats:

I saw Rahul Dravid speak..
He was asked, 
What makes you successful?you are called "The Wall"
He replied
Its passion and persistence thats all..
I saw and I learnt

The life of Albert Einstein and that of Thomas Edison
Taught me that "curiosity is the mother of all invention"..

Sachin Tendulkar,
a legend cricketer..
Amitabh bachchan,
Man of Millenium..
both greats taught me that
It is true,
humility is the greatest virtue..

How can I forget
Mr APJ Abdul Kalam..
He said
To fly
You need to dream high..

Thank You..

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Ishrat Jahan case: A Sherlock Holmes story.

The "Ishrat Jahan case" in recent days have led to dramatic developments, which are disturbing.
The complexity of this case resembles the stories of Sherlock Holmes, a fictional detective, created by Arthur Conan Doyle. 

The last few days have been very disturbing for an common, thinking Indian.
Indian media has been repeatedly tracking and not just tracking but discussing, debating and in a sense obfuscating the already complex case.
As the respected journalist Mr Rajdeep Sardesai said, "amidst all these discussions, the truth is the casualty".
The political parties are fighting there cases, outside the court, i.e. at TV channels.
Not, in anyway concerned about what the court says, after all "Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai" and thereby getting the required political mileage.

The plot is sufficiently confusing.
There are two prominent questions
Was the Encounter of Ishrat Jahan fake?
Was Ishrat Jahan a terrorist?

The answer to the first question is to an extent clear, that it was a fake encounter, as suggested by
CBI Report, though court ruling is yet to come.
The congress party is politically attacking CM Narendra Modi and his aide Amit Shah, for these alleged fake encounters., thereby trying to woo minority and painting Mr Modi as a communal figure.
The BJP on the other hand came in defence of their election campaign chief, accusing Congress of influencing  the CBI and thereby this court monitored probe and questioning the timing of CBI as well.
These political fights were imminent.

The answer to second question is still a suspense.
The Gujrat Government(synonym of "Narendra Modi"..:P) is stating that the "Intelligence Bureau"(IB) gave the input(report), in which it is clear that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist.
The report of Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) also stating that, she was a Lashkar operative.
The statement of David Headley and the Jamat-ud-Dawa website, also claiming the same.
The family however says that she was a common muslim girl and just an accountant of an LeT operative Javed Sheikh.

The CBI also has a hearsay evidence against Narendra Modi, but it seems to be insufficient to prove culpability, only via such evidence in a court of law.

The reports of two supposedly credible institutions, CBI and IB, are contradictory, which entangles the controversy even more and sets a wrong precendent.(Who to believe??)
The opinion that it was a deep political controversy, which was planned in great detail cannot be sidelined.

One larger question I feel the country needs to think about is that of jurisdiction of an intelligence agency like IB.
The secret operations which are necessary for the security of country cannot be completely outlawed, but there certainly needs to be a discussion and monitoring about this subject.
In short, independence of IB versus the human(basic) rights of the citizens(in present case Ishrat Jahan(if proved she was innocent)) needs to be looked in to.

In all, it makes up for an interesting Sherlock Holmes type story but there are two differences..
1. It is unfortunately real.
2. There is no Sherlock Holmes in reality.

The justice is undoubtedly more important than our curiosity and the interestingness of matter.
Its ok to be curious, but its more important to be concerned.
May the truth prevail.

The Times Of India report on the case is

P.S: I have tried to be as neutral as possible. If my opinion seems biased please bring it to my notice.

Thank You!!

Image Source: http://english.samaylive.com/pics/article/Ishrat-Jahan265__1617508581.jpg

A Rainy Day..

"A Rainy Day" is a short and a simple poem about the first rain.. Its my first ever attempt at writing english poetry, hope I do not disappoint..:)
On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
Droplets trying to stick to the window glass
as if trying to surpass..
Each droplet tried its best..
but none could enter, despite sheer zest

On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
I could hear the rain shout,
"I am here now, just come out.."
I could smell the earth's relief,
Which came after, long wait and belief.. 

On a rainy day..
I was here, near my window,
watching the water flow..
When the wind blew, I could see the branches dance
as if its a holiday, after the sun's summer class..
I could see clouds covering the sun
as if a new era has begun..

May Every drop contain a blessing
and reaches to every living being..
So enjoy nature's blessings and have loads of fun
wishing everybody a "HaPPyy RaInY SeAsON"


P.S. : My heartfelt condolences to all Uttarakhand flood victims.
May god provide them strength and resources to overcome such devastation.

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A bit for women..

Its strange that despite such a huge numbers of protests the rapes continue and not just continue..they are now happening at increased numbers..
Alarming sign!!
Protesting and asking for safety will go on for ages..
Protesting is important, but we need to do something ourselves..
Why cant we as young people come forward?
We should now ask..
If our government cannot provide safety to women, why we, as citizen cannot ensure security?
The idea is to make groups of like minded people, living in the vicinity..
Ask the police officials about the areas where there is maximum probability of crime against women and the timings..
Have a patrol around it, especially during late nights and wee hours..
Coordinate with other groups and with police as well..
A small area is a microcosm of a country..
If each one of us keep our surrounding safe in effect our country will be safe..
Do follow "Ring the bell campaign" at
Bell bajao


A post about boldness and being real.

"Be bold and stay real.."
seems like a tagline of a sports brand or any product that has to connect with youth..:P

On a serious note
"Being bold" is all about expressing yourself, through your actions, words, intentions etc..
Its about displaying or revealing the real "You"..
Its not always about standing out from the crowd, but to never shy from standing out if need be..
Infact, it is when the side, on which the crowd is, does not matter..
Its about manifesting your views, irrespective of their acceptability, if they are logical and based on true evidences..(reality)
Its about thinking rationally and that is where "staying real" comes in to picture..
One cannot be bold by not being real. One has to be authentic and notice the real concerns of the world.

"Be bold and stay real.." is the philosophy of revolutionaries and reformists. They identify realities, change the mindsets and positively impact the societies.. It is for this purpose our constitution has endowed us with "Right to speech"(Right to express), so that as people change the administrative setup also is in sync.
Its our responsibility to be bold and express what we truly feel and help our issues resolved.
I think boldness should be so inherent, so that we need not use the word "bold" explicitly..

India needs to be bold and real more than ever before and she is being bold and real.
With the advent of internet as a platform, people have access to quick and authentic information and to share and express via social media. Also the emergence of television and print media as an impactful entity facilitated freedom of expression.
Media, in many ways, appears bold and to the point on many issues, but in many cases we misinterpret speculations, hype and sensationalism as boldness. Its time "the aam aadmi" searches for reality and presents a bold opinion of his accounts.
The self regulation of media also contributed to the cause free expression..

The Indian cinema on the other hand has become bolder undoubtedly.
They have a more women-oriented approach. Women now celebrate their "womanhood" on celluloid.
The film-makers now also present their opinions and vision on issues as contentious as homosexuality, sex education, child-trafficking, political criticism etc. but again with censorship..:P

As far as the legal system is concerned, there is a bill called "Whistleblower's bill"(pending in parliament), which ensures to protect the whistleblower i.e. people who expose the corrupt system.

Even in the recent Anna Hazare movement, there were people from all classes who registered their support and demonstrated "boldness"..Earlier we never saw such protest..
Even in protests against the rapes in Delhi, we saw the boldness of people pressurizing the government authorities, which resulted in expeditious drafting of bill.

Even the business sector is broadening its horizon and investing in previously unpreferred areas like power, airlines etc.

Overall, we see a climate of "boldness", which gives a sense of positivity, but there is always a scope for improvement.

So don't trifle down stiflings..
Express Your self..
"Be bold and stay real"..

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Reliance Digital Experience..

"Reliance Digital Experience" was a joined initiative by Indiblogger and Reliance Digital. It was           about letting bloggers experience the store and blog about it.
 I along with my fellow bloggers paid a visit to 

Reliance Digital Retail
The First Impression
FF-52, R-city mall, Phase 2, LBS Marg
Ghatkopar west, Mumbai.

About Reliance Digital:
"Reliance Digital" is a technology retail arm of Reliance Retail Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd. "Reliance" is undoubtedly a reliable and a trustworthy brand in present Indian scenario.


As I entered the R-city mall, holding the Indi-blogger invite, through various security checks, I saw a big banner of  "Reliance Digital Store", providing the description and direction to reach the store.

I reached the store and the first reaction was like "its so cool.."..:P
Right at the outset, I understood, why do they stress on the word "Experience"..
Then, I went inside flagged my Indi-invite and accompanied the store manager
(Mr Atul Jayaraman), along with other bloggers, for visiting the store..

We started from outside the store..
I could see two LCD TVs, a laptop and a computer through the glass..
On one LCD TV, you can have a look at yourself, like a front-end camera in mobile devices..
The rest of the devices were playing some animations..
It gave an initial signal, that the experience would be interactive..

Experience Pillar for Cameras.
I could sense the purpose of such a display of devices was to be "live" or constantly in action i.e. this is not going to be a dull, typical store, where you can roam around, see but not "experience" or be involved..

So, with these expectations I entered the store(along with the manager and others), 
I found a person greeting me with "namaste".. This showed the "Indian-ness", the cultural relevance of the organization. We greeted him back with a smile..

The Store Manager, then briefed us about the concept of "Experience Pillars"..
The store has innovatively used the pillars around the store for providing customers with better experience.
They are basically like a round table kind of of structure(ref pic.), where the products of a particular category e.g cameras are kept for letting people experience.

Specification chart
Then We  moved on to the Experience pillar for mobiles. The variety of mobiles was phenomenal.
Experience Pillar for mobiles
I chatted with the guy, near the pillar. He explained me the variety of smart phones on display. He discussed about all my doubts with a smile.
I must say, he possessed a sound knowledge about the mobile technology..
The chart which showed the the specification was extremely user friendly..

Gaming Experience

Then came, the super-exciting gaming section..
The most awesome thing about the store was that they let you experience video games and motion gaming..
This assured me that this store does not compromise on its ideology of letting customers experience before they buy..
I could see a young boy almost getting immersed  in the game. A treat to watch..:P

The next amazing thing in this store was the Home theatre experience section. Here you can experience the home theatre like you would in your living room.
A room was especially reserved for this purpose. This along with experience pillars were the standout features of reliance digital..

Few things I liked about the Reliance Digital Store
1. Experience.
2. Indifference to brands.
3. Staff.
4. Variety.

 Atlast, they provided us with "I-pod Shuffle", it was really an endearing gesture..:)

Do give a visit to this store to have an awesome shopping experience..
They focus on solutions rather than brands..
You will celebrate your shopping there for sure..:)

This pretty much summed up for entire experience..

Thank You Indi-Blogger and Reliance Digital for providing us with this amazing opportunity..:)

If my dad was a politician..

"If my dad was a politician.."
I do not know, is being a politician's son desirable or not?
On one hand, it makes you a person, who has power and influence behind him..(In hindi they say "mere piche mera baap baitha hai"...:P)
On the other hand, you are actually a son of a person, whose profession is abused, ridiculed and hated the most..

To be true and practical, my dad could never have become a politician, because to be a politician you must be adept in politics..
Politics in hindi is "Raj-niti"..
"Raj" means rule and "niti" means policy..
My dad is not a person, who has tact or the knack of making people follow him and rule..
So the "If" in the first statement is very important..
My dad is a practical and a professional man..
I never saw him mixing his personal and professional life..
So, me "enjoying" a politician's son's status, even if my dad becomes a politician, is not a possibility..(sad..:P)
However, I would not have been completely insulated..

So what if..
As I said, My dad is strictly professional, you would never see him with "goons" to bodyguard..
These are the people who handle "illegal" businesses of the politicians and they are "Khaas"(special people) of the politician..

The major change you would see, is punctuality in the offices, work being done, the common man being respected..(A rare sight in present day government offices..)
My dad has always been accountable and has always kept people accountable, including me..

He would never believe in appeasing selective people, he would chalk out an overall holistic plan for development of every sect, religion and region..
Though every region and every group would have their own set of problems..
My dad is as reachable as he is professional, always ready to discuss, never just with selective people..
Being in a manufacturing sector, he often faced problems because of government policies, license problems, he would ease out those policies, which are of no purpose except to promote red tapism, thereby encouraging businesses..

Even at home, me being a student could have explained him the problem with the education structure, the pedagogy, the view of students..

But the problem would be to manage people, because for a person of his simplicity and straightforwardness, being a people handler is next to impossible task..but in democracy that is the challenge that leaders' face..Compromises for consensus..:P

Overall, an atmosphere of work and professionalism would be created at home or at his office..
His would be the politics of performance, politics and development..no ideologies, no religion involved..
There would be no "dadagiri" only "dadgiri"..:P

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An article, quite like an essay on 'Competiton' as a process.


"Competition" is a process between entities, where they contest i.e try to prove their superiority over other in some way or the other.
Entities can be individuals, groups, organisation or even ideologies..
"Competition" has been a great driving force for evolution, since it leads to an enforced action.
It keeps us interested, involved and more importantly working, thereby not allowing us to relax or stagnate.
Human beings have a natural tendency to compete, to prove their mettle and as a result competition has played a great role in human development..

However, unfortunately the nature of competition degrades as fierceness increases. 
Ethics, fairness take a backseat and the only objective is to "win", this lead to an undeserved satisfaction for winner and the loser, who otherwise believed in fairness,  is force to adapt evil practices.
Thus the propagation of forced unethical practices.
This is because we treat win as just win, we never recognize or appreciate the nature of it.
(All this is said with the assumption there is an honest way of competing and in most of the cases there is.)

To win a fierce competition fairly, is far more respectable and difficult, than to just win it.

In addition to this, fierce competition can have a paradoxical effect as it reduces the scope for experimentation and innovation, as cost of failure is tremendous.
It kills human freedom to do what he wants to, but taking in to account the circumstances he relents to the pressure of competition, thereby doing what he needs to.
Thus the creative potential remains untapped..

"Crab Mentality" is another significant problem. Though it is nothing related to fierceness of competition, its the problem with the approach.
It means neither develop nor let develop.
This attitude defeats the purpose of competition that is to attain overall progress or development.
Instead the attitude should be to focus on developing self and learn from the opposition as well, this way world will be a better place to work and develop.

In practice, there have been issues of unfair competition between say large multinational and a small scale local industry. Thus one more important point is that
Competition is always on a level playing field.
The state(India) has competition commission employed to ensure that.

Competitions are undoubtedly great source of thrust, spirit but the approach, the nature of it are of equal significance, to develop universally..

Thank You!!

Introspect India..

An article on reasons of increased rapes in India.

The horrendous incident, which took place in capital on 17th April, ashamed India once again.
In India, a rape occurs every 21 minutes, that is an alarming statistic. It speaks a lot about pathetic and appalling condition of women in India and more importantly the deplorable mental condition of Indian men.

So the problem exists only in India? No.
The USA also deals with similar problems. Thus it is more of a global concern than an India-specific problem. However, every region has their own set of reasons for this.

(I will restrict my focus to India.)
I pondered upon some of the reasons behind such incidents.
Rape, to my mind reflects uncontrolled aggression, frustation, dissatisfaction and the urge to prove superiority over the opposite sex, which takes the form of violent sexual urge.
A mojority of culprits of rape have found to be labour, peasants etc., in a more general way, people of economically and educationally deprived class.
Unemployment, meagre wages, lack of respect are the primary causes that seem to develop such an attitude.
A man cannot find a way to prove his superiority, to satisfy his ego as a result a woman becomes his soft target.
These reasons coupled with our old Indian perception of women as a "property"  of men, provide the basis of such heinous crimes.(with education the perception of women is changing, but at grassroot level its still the same because of ineducation)
This problem can take a massive form, if not controlled, as India possess an ever increasing young and labour population.
So the social problem of lack of dignity of labour also contributes.

Moreover, the domestic setup of India too is predominantly patriarchal and male-oriented.
Bollywood movies have many a times manifested this.
"Abhimaan" is one such movie which comes to my mind.
Right from the birth, the impression that man is a "proctector" of woman is instilled in to an individual's mind.
This makes man think of him as a guardian("Rakshak"), this makes him think that a woman is completely depended on her financially and socially, which furthur leads to objectification of woman.
On the other hand, woman has a very timid image of herself.

In addition to this, another problem I observe is lack of sensitivity of society. People do not object harassment in public places, the politicians blame "provocative" clothes for such acts rather than ensuring security, all suggest insensitive views of society.

What we need is develop is gender sensitisation, gender tolerance, respect and dignity for all individuals irrespective of gender.

Indian culture, which for centuries has been well-recognised for its values, ethics, but unfortunately in present times, facing dearth of them.

In my previous post I wrote Indians are "religious", I pondered upon that and found I was wrong, because being religious requires you to follow religious beliefs and ethics, which is not followed.

India certainly needs to Introspect.