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Negotiations is a communication process of reaching to a stage in which interests of all the participants are respected(partially or completely).
Its a kind of Adjustment done to find a middle ground.
There are two ways to reach a consensus in any conversation,
Either to make someone retreat his/her position(which, in majority of cases, is not possible,
as people are always right, according to themselves) or
by Negotiating..

Negotiations have found an irreplaceable place in our routine life.
Women negotiating with the street vendors.
Children negotiating with their parents for some toys,chocolates and so on..
Even in international dialogues and summits, negotiations form a significant part.

Negotiating is a sort of skill which is imperative in modern conditions.
For negotiations the approach needs to be somewhat flexible, all the members in the conversation need to break the ice of firmness, and the efforts should be to reach a common ground, which satisfies the interests of all the members.

A negotiator has to be very clear on what terms to compromise(or discuss) on..
i.e. Pre-negotiation preparation needs to be done on the subject.
A negotiator must have sensible and valid reasons to back his terms and equally valid reasons to reject others.
He has to be patient to listen and to explain his stand..

Thus I think,
Negotiations are eminent to encourage mutual co-existence and for respecting everyone's interests..

"A Moral Revolution"

Last 3 months or so, I have been hearing, reading and thinking about the opinions of certain eminent personalities  in legal fraternity, to combat the vexed problem of corruption..(credits to Anna's movement)
The views were involving technicalities of judicial machinery, which were highly complex..
I was perplexed, as to how can this problem be nailed LEGALLY..
Then tried to find the cause for this..
Discovered that corruption was kind of a medium through which
"Money was exchanged between the common man and the person with respective authority against the favor of doing the work, for which they are paid by the government institution."...(refering to corruption in govt. offices specifically)
It was sort of a Luxury, provided only to Upper and upper middle class masses..

The root cause,
I eventually thought of was that of our society as a whole..
We treat,
Money as a symbol of success..
Honesty, dedication, accountability, credibility
..are the virtues, which are barely respected and recognized..
I came across a conversation between a father and his son.
(Father met his old friend while shopping, they greeted and talked for a while, then the friend left.. )
Father:-Son, the person just met me, has worked as a member of  medical staff in army for the last 15 years and has received great recognition there..
(the reply of son was disturbing)..
Son:-How much does he earn now???

This reflects our approach towards life, as just a money-making process..We try to quantify the person's work with the person's bank balance..

Probably, the only possible solution to this is to change the view of the society..

"The system is as good as the people it involves.."

Which needs to be done at the root level..
i.e. at the most important stage of personal development, at schools..
There needs to be presence of subjects, which propagate a sense of credibility, honesty..and all other noble virtues..
Which will develop a solid moral ground at the very basic level of education..
And will gradually help in changing society as a whole..
This task is enormous, but the problem is equally grand....

In other words,
there is a need for "A Moral Revolution"..
We need to change,  
to change..

Thank you!!