Experiencing Life...


Mashaal..(In support of Anna Hazare's movement)..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..

yeh ek mauka hai..
maukaparaston ko batane ka..
ki agar humne tumhe badhaya hai..
hum tumhe ruka bi sakte hain..
humne tumhe uthaya hai.
toh hum tumhe jhuka bi sakte hai..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye.

bas ek mashal kaafi hai ..
sainkodon ko jalane ke liye..
ab woh mashal  jal chuki hai..
disha ab dikh chuki hai..
bas ab uthkar chalna baaki hai..
aaj na uthe,
toh na jaane kab uth paoge..
apne kal ko aaj hi andhkar mein  dhakel jaoge..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..

humari bebasi ki aadh mein..
unhonene tijoriyan bhari hai..
humari lachari ke dum se..
unki imaratein khadi hai..
ab na hum bebas aur na lachar hain..
ab toh hum, bus ladhne ko taiyar hai..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..

pehle jo bundein thi ab sailab ban chuki hai..
pehle jo dia tha woh aag ban chuki hai..
bas ab sailab ka behna baaki hai..
bas ab aag ka failna baaki hai..
sailab ko umadhne do..
aur aag ko bhadakne do..

Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..
seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..

par itna khayal rakhna..
yeh aag bekabu na ho jaaye..
iss aag se koi begunaah jalne na paaye
iss aag se kisi garib ki kutiya na jal jaaye..

kranti karo,,
par shanti rakho!!!!

Jai Hindh!!
Jai Bharat!!


Many a times in my conversations with people I have come across a statement
"You never know, what's gonna happen.." ,though simple and casual but its very much the true nature of life.
The very  next moment of life  is "Unpredictable",
how interesting is that!!
We do not know, what future has in store for us..
However, I think this is necessary, otherwise it would have been a very dull, monotonous life..
I believe
"Unpredictability keeps us interested.."

However, man has reduced the degree of unpredictability to a large extent by his analytical abilities, that is by consideration of factors affecting the future development and by his scientific(logical) reasoning (deductive power),
BUT there is always an effect of a variable factor, whose nature is UNCERTAIN,INDEPENDENT and which does not follow laws,rules,conditions or limitation of any particular theory..

Various cultures,religions have their own way of predicting the future,
but nothing as yet is satisfactorily accepted.

Even the scientific world has recognised the presence of such an ever varying parameter..
Quantum physics is an apt example for this.
This branch mostly deals with the study of energy changes of the atomic particles,
which results into release of electromagnetic energy..
In context of this,
Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, stated that it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine the position and momentum of the particle simultaneously.(Uncertainty principle)
To overcome such limitation to some extent, a very important mathematical concept was used,
PROBABILITY..which, in numerical form, indicates what are most LIKELY future happenings.
Some degree of uncertainty is unavoidable....

This fact is very much related to our routine life,
and the best possible way to live, I can think of,
To focus on efforts and the rest will take care of itself.......(Teachings from Bhagvad Gita)..

Thank you
Best of LUCK..