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What is "Being confident"?

As a child, I was always taught to be self confident, but then I couldn't quite figure out..
Why do I need to be confident?
How does it effect?
Infact I couldn't understand, what it means to be confident?
but as they say "Time is the best teacher,"...Here are the few inferences, I can draw from process of learning from time..

Confidence is a sort of satisfaction, which we experience when we perform the assigned task(work) successfully and INDEPENDENTLY.To achieve this state of satisfaction you must be ready enough to TRY and LEARN.By trying you win something, but you lose an opportunity to win if you don't.Winning leads to confidence and confidence leads to winning.
The only way to initiate this process is by Trying.Lack of confidence causes lack of FOCUS and there is inception of UNCERTAINTIES thereafter.
This period tests your CHARACTER..While the effect of  too much of confidence(Overconfidence) corroborates with the universal law "Any thing in excess is …