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What is "Being confident"?

As a child, I was always taught to be self confident, but then I couldn't quite figure out..
Why do I need to be confident?
How does it effect?
Infact I couldn't understand, what it means to be confident?
but as they say "Time is the best teacher,"...Here are the few inferences, I can draw from process of learning from time..

  • Confidence is a sort of satisfaction, which we experience when we perform the assigned task(work) successfully and INDEPENDENTLY.
  • To achieve this state of satisfaction you must be ready enough to TRY and LEARN.
  • By trying you win something, but you lose an opportunity to win if you don't.
  • Winning leads to confidence and confidence leads to winning.
    The only way to initiate this process is by Trying.
  • Lack of confidence causes lack of FOCUS and there is inception of UNCERTAINTIES thereafter.
    This period tests your CHARACTER..
  • While the effect of  too much of confidence(Overconfidence) corroborates with the universal law "Any thing in excess is harmful."
  • A man with confidence proceeds towards destination.
    A man without confidence just thinks about his destination destiny.
  • Luck should never be a factor affecting confidence.
  • Sustained confidence boost the PERFORMANCE and EFFICIENCY...
  • Last, but significant and simple.
                                  "CONFIDENCE  does have an IMPACT"
Note: The above mentioned points are my views formed due to my experiences..
The variance in point of view is respected..
Criticism is always welcome..

              Thank you...